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Xbox World Journalist Completes GTA4!


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GamesRadar have put up an interview with deputy editor Rob Taylor of Xbox World magazine - this man is the first person in the world to have completed the main storyline missions of GTA IV. The interview basically covers questions on what he likes about the game, and how/where/when he did it etc. It's a pretty interesting read and there's absolutely no spoilers.

Here's one interesting tidbit on how long it took him to complete:

In terms of the time it takes to finish, how does it compare with others in the series?

That's a hard question to answer really. I finished the story mode in 24 hours, without skipping cut scenes, but I literally blitzed through and hardly took on any side missions. If I was to play it again (which I will be, right on launch day!) I'd say to wrap up the story will take at least 40 hours at a normal pace, plus another – say, 25? – to wrap up the remainder of the missions. In truth though, you could be paving the streets of Liberty City in a year's time and still not have discovered everything. Plus, if you're a 360 owner, there's the promise of downloadable content to come...My advice is: just kick back, take your time and breathe every fresh sight and sound in, don't simply rush through just to finish it before your mates. I wish I'd had that option!

Read the full interview at GamesRadar.

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24 hours to finish the storyline, i was expecting more, but to do that you will have to play in 24 hours in a row without sleeping. But R* annoced that there will be over 100 hours of gameplay which I don't doubt :D

That guy is lucky, been able to play GTA IV before release date :P

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24 hours though blitzed sounds bad, I was thinknig more 50 hours or so, quite dissapointed with that but I am going to take my time too, plus he may have used cheats.

If you read what he wrote then he says that he finished the game in 24 hours but didn't want to do so. He was rushed so basically everytime a mission finished he would move onto the next one.

When we play it (if your like me) you'll do a few missions then free-roam for a bit and mess about with the new features, do a few more missions, look around the city and you'll keep doing this until you complete the game. If your me, then I'm guessing that's likely to take around 3 weeks maybe? I do have to go to school and do alot of coursework but I'll probaly play it 3-4 hours a day, depends. And thats only the storyline, if we include the multiplayer and everything else that liberty city has to offer, thats probaly around 100 hours. Thats ALOT of gameplay time.

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I still think it will take an enormus amount of time to complete this game just as it has with every grand theft auto, heck, i haven't even finished half of them. I'm not worried because they said it took Rockstar 2 weeks to beat the game playing four hours a day! I only get about a half hour with my 360 everyday so im not complaining!!!! :coolthumbup:

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