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Buying GTAIV Internationally


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Alright i am looking into buying GTA IV from a international shop as it is censored here in Australia. Apart from Ebay, Is there a trusted online store where i can buy GTA IV (PAL Version) with fairly good shipping time (Heh, Dunno if i can last listening to all you brag about it while its being posted!)

I thought i would post here as its not really general GTA IV discussion as i am asking about stores and stuff like that lol. :rolleyes:

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I could be wrong but would an Australian PS3/360 work with an UK/American game?

Anyway to get it online I would suggest Amazon although play.com will surely also have a PAL version plus play.com is very reliable.

Why not?

Unless it's not reigon locked then it should go fine.

It's only region locked for DVD's and Blu-Ray's. Games should work fine from any region on whatever PS3.

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What version of the game are you buying? PS3 or Xbox 360?

If you're buying the PS3 version, since its on a Blu-ray Disc, then a UK version (Blu-ray Disc Region B) will work on an Australian PS3. Below is the chart of region coding for BDs:


Orange: Region A

Green: Region B

Purple: Region C

Or if this helps:

A: Americas; East and Southeast Asia.

B: Africa, Europe, Oceania; Middle East; French territories; Greenland.

C: Central and South Asia; Mongolia, Russia, and People's Republic of China.

(Took it from Wikipedia BTW.)

If you're buying a 360 version, then I dunno. :P

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Thanks for the help guys.

I think ill buy the AU Version first as i wont be able to wait for the game to be posted!

But if it is heavily censored (Hope not) ill buy a UK or NZ version.

And its for PS3 btw :P

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I wouldn't advise getting GTA IV with Pound Sterling, The exchange rate right now is Australian $1 for 50 Pence. It will cost you double in pounds. It would be better getting it from New Zealand as it is 1 Australian Dollar for 1.10 New Zealand Dollars which would cost the same. Hopefully you wouldn't need to go to the extent of trying to buy online. The UK version of GTA IV costs £40 how much does it cost in Aussie?

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