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Where are you buying your copy of GTA IV from?


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Either Target or Wal*Mart... We don't have any fancy game stores like GameStop or EBgames around here...

Yeah, any store does the trick really.

I only preorder at EB because it's kind of like a tradition, from way back in the day when game stores like EB were the ONLY place you could preorder a game.

A few years ago if you went into like best buy, and asked to preorder a game they would probably laugh at you... now that they realize major money is involved, they're all over it.

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I'm gonna ask for it for my birthday, so it's probably gonna come from either Walmart or Gamestop. Doesn't matter, as they're effin' adjacent to each other.

Haha....not nearly as bad as by my apartment. There is a Gamestop next to a wal-mart, next to another Gamestop. Two Gamestops within like 300 feet of each other :lolbounce:

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