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Howdy, people.

My name is Brodie. I'm fifteen, from Melbourne in Australia. I love playing video games, as I'm sure we all do, right? Because that's why we're here, because of a video game, so uh, anyway.

I am actually thinking about applying for the staff, on this website, but I need to think about whether I've got the time needed, but seeing as I am on holidays currently, I will probably be able to give it a shot.

I love music, and everything else, aswell.

If there's anything you want to know about me, at all. Please, do ask, I'll answer.


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No, I don't know much about here, Story so far: (and btw any other posts regarding this can go in a new topic because we dont wanna flood this one)

wednesday night i get an email from her, told me she loved the site and is the fan of the game, 'kisses' me, tells me to check her yahoo profile and that she is 17 (she has a nice pic)

(when i saw the pic she was actually quite hot I thought it was quite amazing, i'd never seen a female gta fan so hot :P)

anyway so yesterday we talked for ages on msn and she sent me looads and loads of pics (im not telling you what of... but her mainly... obviously) and to date she has not seen one pic of me, but she tells me I am hot and refers to me as 'baby', she must like something about me :P

yeah and anyway we talked some more and I wont tell you the rest of the convo...

Any new members reading are gonna be like WTF and OMG when they read all this so to stay on topic

Welcome all new members here :hi:

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Hello I have just joined the forums.

My name: Nick

Where I live M, AUS ( If u dont understand that look in my profile )

My Age: 18

Birthday: Jan. 31 ( Comin up pretty soon! )

Fav. food: Pasta

Fav. Color: Green

Car I drive: ( Gettin a new 1 soon! )

Fav. Holiday: Christmas

Fav. Vacation: New York, and Austria.

And thats about it. Thanks for having this forum.

So far I think its the best ever! :hi:

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