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since nobody has said welcome to me yet i will introduce myself  this is frank tenpenny my objective is to help the site doing whatever i can to gain respect and allies in these forums . also i joined 6 days ago so im not much of a newbie anymore .

1. You are doing a terrible job of gaining respect and helping the site. I'm sorry but I've had way tootowtruck much of you. And all the other recent n00bs.

2. Six days is shit. I've been here since BEFORE we had Invision forums.[/brag]

But seriously, the non-newb point is when you become a good and active member. Everyone starts out as newbs, then you either become a good member or a n00b. I can predict with 99.9% accuracy which road you're taking.

Welcome new members, to The GTA Place. Please fasten your seatbelts and keep ALL arms and legs inside the vehicle, at all times. Thank you and enjoy your day.

EDIT: Would you look at that, I used "too" instead of towtruck, because I'm so serious about TGTAP's recent.... infestation...

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