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No idea, you've totally confused me.

That is one of my many special powers.

soooooo.....dazzabar is gonna remain dazzabar or dar el bar??

What is this dazzabar, that you are talking about. If "Dazza" did make it then it would still be called a dazzabar.

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This topic is getting :rofl2: Hilarious.

On-Topic - Yeah i am nice Dar-el although it can be sometimes debatable (I think i spelt it right)

Well, that's good. I like a good debate, also one of my powers.

Dar el or dazaa ur FREAKY!!!

so u like superman or S stands for sumthing even more freakishly crazy????

This is my brothers symball, I am using to show my love to him. And do not get on my bad side or you shal suffer my wrath. And do take that seriously.

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