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hey im skaterava. i got into San andreas ages ago.. i went off it but once i learned about modding i got right back into it!

im still not sure how to install non-vehicle mods...but at the moment im just enjoying the vehicle ones.

im 16 years old and ive been a GTA fan for years...

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Hey all!! kinda a new guy around here

Well ive joined a month back and have to say im havin a blast here!!!

Not yet got on any ones nerves!!:P

BTW am i the only person to notice spaz in a female??....if no then Srry!!!

I think it's an inside joke between him and others. Dates back to sometime around 18 BC I believe. (okay, made the later bit up, but the first is true (as far as I know anyway)).

Anyway, welcome to the site EvoLuTioN, I've notice you around the site as of late, your a good member, it's a pleasure yo have you here. Glad your enjoying it.

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