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Welcome to The Forums Of Lost Heaven Ryder Johnson :) kiding :)

Hi, Ryder, my name is Gabriel (nickname GycuBrun) I`m 15 and from Romania (Eastern europe) ,welcome and N`joy you` stay!

Kids:Play GTA, you have only to win from this game!

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Thanks for the welcome GTAPlayer :)

Gycu: I don't think I've seen you on GTAF :/ Link to a post?

:) Just type my name on Google :) and be sure you`ll find my posts/topics

I made there topics about:Anything Else R* may disable?(Beside planes), GTA 4 Map Size (Just say a number)....etc....etc...

Oh and welcome to the guys that joined today! If any...

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Hi there! :gappy:

I'm LostFender, and I'm new here (duh). I joined after Blackadder recomended the site, and there are quite other people I know here. I'm over at GTAF as well.

The forums looks pretty cool. I'm also into GFX, so I'll be taking requests...

@Blackadder: ...are you leaving GTAF?! :nope:

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