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so far the GTA series have been amazing (apart from those crappy gtas on psp which just ruins everything). for the next GTA i would like to see a character creator so you can decide whether to have your character as male, female, asian, black or white, etc (like saints row but not so retarded) and be able to name your character. And why not start your own gang of for once, i can't stand not being the boss in a gang. you should be able to name your gang, colour schemes for gang clothing and vehicles and choose what guns you want your gang members to have.

i've been reading through some of the forums and someone suggested a variation in people - like kids, teens, old peaople with wheelchairs and zimoframes and pushbuggies. Keep car customisation, as in San Andreas, but get some decent rims available.

O and for new transportation stick a hot air balloon in or blimp and maybe a mini digger that rotates like the rhino but dicapitates people with the scoop part.

And if not the idea of your own gang - how bout bringin back in the mafia - i can't stand the little street gangs.

There i said it.

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Yo, imma G and wanna get San Andreas, I am having troulble, I will make a thrad shortly.

I came here since I went to this other site but the GTA doesnt stand for Grand Theft Auto, I think it stands for Gay Theft Accuesations since the mods there think cuzza my age and race that I am a theif for some reason...


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