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been killed by something funny post it here

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1.I jumped off a tall building with a parachute ... I fell and a message told me to open the parachute.So I clicked but the para didn't open.I clicked and clicked till it opened but too late cause I touched the ground and PLEOSH! Wasted.

2.I was on Mt. Chilliad with a bike and I wanted to jump, I accelerated to that mini ramp but suddenly I lost control and hit wigh that little fence.The bike stood there and I was falling and then ... BANG!In hospital.

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Yeah - Been Shooting a rocket launcher for a while - Killing cops and what not. I've killed about 500, and I have reached one of the quiet bits where the cops don't come for a while. But for some strange reason my health is going down! I turn round and some old lady is punching me.

500 Cops can't stop me, but an Old Woman can. Life is strange... Check Out my Poster:


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Once I beat the game I started using cheats for tanks and stuff. So this one time a got a tank and I was in it with a six star wanted level. I destroyed anything that got in my way until I hit the taxi of doom. I hit this taxi and my tank blew up. Major glitch, or not?


That's the Massive Taxi! :P

The most funny thing that ever happened to me is that when I was in a jetpack trying to steal a police helicopter, the blades killed me. I think this all happened because when I approached the door, I clicked triangle and got cut-off by the blades.

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ahh i was on mt chiliad and just running around, then went to get into the van up there, and a plane like crashed into the car and blew up and i died :(

Same here, dont know if its some kind of glitch or something.

I was riding on the bike up there, then the screen started to shake, and CJ was killed. :angry:

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I was doing base jumping but a little glitch screwed me.I kumped from a building, i open the parachute, i fall and fall and the

parachute suddenly dissapears.I have it in my "inventory" but i couldn't cycle through weapons.I thought that i have it, but something with the controls is wrong.I got back up jumped and I quote what i was thinking:

"Отваряй се бе шибан парашут!уаааааа бам" :D.Translation:Open you piece of shit!Uaaaaaaa bang.

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