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Thegtaplace.com Estimated Worth $209867.7 USD


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Those sites are so inaccurate it's stupid. I can tell you for a fact it's way off. From the figures you gave, page views are under-estimated and value and daily ad revenue are over-estimated. If I were earning that much from this site I wouldn't need to work/go to uni and also I'd remove some of the ads...

At least the ad revenue I personally get is, I've no idea what amount of money is made from the big ads, but I don't receive it, that pays for the server.

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Just think for a second: who would pay $210,000 for a GTA fansite? Then you will know whether or not it's accurate :P

But as Chris said, the pageviews thing is really low and the "daily ad revnue" seems more like monthly, at least in my experiences

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According to that thing...

My Forum: $614433.7 USD

My Site: $925326.1 USD

Forum + Site = $1,539,759.8

WOOOT! Get me my checkbook! xD Nah, I'd never sell my site. And that thing sucks. Price is wayy too high xD It's probably not even getting my site. More like the sites that it's hosted on... And in that case, the price is too low!!

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