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What Really Pisses You Off?


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When Australians make up excuses for losing in sport.

eg. England beat Australia in the Olympics, on the news i heard them saying "Were the British cheating?. More on that tommorrow".

and also, once Australia was vursing Ireland in gaylic footbal, and Ireland beat them, and then on the radio i heard,

"Well the only reason they won is because they are used to it, this is the first time we are vursing anyone in that"

Like... Seriously, Australians, you suck

Stop making stupid excuses for losing in Sport.

By the way AFL is a pussy Australian version of Rugby! Get Over It!

People who go on about how fucking awesome their heritage country is but have probably never been there, and who have lived in one of the most multicultural and welcoming countries in the world and bitch like this. IF YOU DON"T LIKE THE PLACE FUCK OFF AND GO HAVE A FAP ABOUT SAID HERITAGE COUNTRY!! First of all Gaelic football is a product of Ireland, so of course they are going to be better than everyone else at it. Second, if I remember correctly, the game was pretty fucking close for a team who has never really played the game. Thirdly, AFL is nothing like Rugby. Before you go around making stupid comments, try watching both games and note to yourself the only real similarities are the shape of the ball, and even then the balls are fairly different. [/rant]

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I told you the flaiming will start. OKAY EVERYONE BACK ON TOPIC PLEASE.

Agreed, surprised staff hasn't shut this down over flaming.

Gas prices piss me off. We finally get them back to a reasonable level & the OPEC'ers announces they want to cut the

production again. Appearently they don't have enough solid gold toilets & million dollar sport scars. Now the US has a

president who's worried more about looking cool than the countries best interest. We finally get the bans on offshore

drilling lifted & he'll probably put them back. Alaskan oil? Nope, we can' ask the moose to take two steps to the right.

Eastern US coal? An exact quotes the day before being elected, "The very nature of my plan will cause electric rates

to skyrocket." & "You can start a coal operation but it will go bankrupt."

That should piss off anybody.

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British People Blatantly make fun of American FootBall just because it is nothing like Rubby. I got banned from a website for some 12 year old called the Redskins the fagskins. I have to say this FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FACE.

Lemme just say as a fellow American that American football is rugby for pussies. :P

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people that are always horny\perverted <_<

people that act tough when there weak

people that tells lies in front of your face

people who get in petty little arguments over the stupidest crap

people that think there sport or them self is better then others

people that is disrespectful to the opposite gender(even thought i do agree with girls most guys are idiots) :whistle:

annoying people -_-

When i am told what to do

when people wake me up*looks at brother* :pissed:

and other things such as,

going in the sun,when people don't die in car crashes,when your stuck waiting for a train to pass by for 15 minutes,when people complain about there own problems when you don't give f*** about,insane people >.<

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In all fairness, the topic is "What Really Pisses You Off?" & since Obama took office he's pissed off a lot of people.

When he took office I owned stock worth about $70k, since then I've lost about $10k. That should piss off anybody.

raybob95 - Yeah, most of us get it. Try to keep the Obama criticism in specific topics on him (he's fair game in my

"Presidential Failure" topic), just remember he's popular so be ready to back up anything you say w/ real hard facts.

The argument "My teacher said so" holds no more value for us than it does for libs & Wikipedia is quick & convenient,

but not 100% reliable. Sources like CNN or US government websites will carry more weight.

People who paint cars colors that shouldn't exist outside the human stomach. Today I saw another '00 'Stang that

even had 17s similar to my own, in a shade of green that looked like something my cat yacked up. Mary Kay Pink

would be better.

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1. Assholes who think they're on top of the world and defamate everyone on a lower status.

2. People who disrespect / defamate me

3. People who (blatantly) shoot down what I hold nearest and dearest to me (e.g. my personality, my race, my religion / belief in God, tastes, etc.)

4. Liars

5. Jerks (Online and Offline)

6. When my computer gets the BSOD (hasn't happened in a month since reinstall)

7. When games I've downloaded don't work

whew! that was something I wanted to get out of my chest for a long ass time. :whistle:

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