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Attention All Americans


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Why deep fry everything? Thats whats weird, everything can be deep fried now. I loathe chicken balls, why eat a tiny bit of chicken in a giant battered and fried bubble. Ew

Holy shit that sounds awesome. /american

deep fried snickers and oreos? how come, I can never imagine what does it look like

lolz. I can't imagine how foods with chocolate can be fried. It will taste more bitter.

It will look like more dark and overcooked.(maybe?)

No, you batter it, and deep fry it just long enough to cook the batter.

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I can handle quite a bit of grease. I like pools of grease on my pizza. I think it's the shit.

However, sometimes my mom blows at cooking things((read: all the time)).... And she gets really fucking greasy meat, and fucking HELL, I got a stomach ache off of it once. And that says something.

Seriously, everything Spaz's mom cooks should be on this page. She once made a meatloaf that was floating half way in grease. I didn't help that as it cooled it looked like chunks of molded cheese. I skipped out on dinner that night, saying I was sick just so I could get out of the digestive consequences. It probably tasted like crap anyways.

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Anyone ever had a deep fried Snickers bar?

Around here, deep fried Oreos are popular. They actually sound tasty.

Yeah, they have both of those at the Ferndale Fair last year. Didn't have one, but they sound tasty and i'm definitely trying one this year.... >.>

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