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My suggestions

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I have a couple of suggestions to inproove the forum ;)

1. A Karma system (aka member rating)

This is very easy , when someone does something helpful to the forum , he gets 1 Karma star (they are like warning stars , but positive)

Its a good way to rate members.

2. Post wrappers

I think members should be able to customize they're posts more. A post wrapper is a little section added in the profile where you can select what color , style , font etc your post should have. Mostly useless but fun :P

3. I was thinking about a shoutbox.. but that only works well on smaller forums.

4. Gang Icons

Official gangs should have a icon to represent them and each member should have the icon in they're member group. This way it will be easy to see what gang a member belongs to and will make things cleaner.

Just my two cents.. please comment on my suggestions

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I agree with your gang suggestion, but it would prove to be a lot of work for the admins.

Post wrapper idea seems cool but again might be a lot of work.

There was a shoutbox on the old forums and it got completely spammed up, so I don't think thats a good idea

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1. Yes a karma system is a good idea, there are a few mods like that available, I'll look into which one is best for us.

2. Yeah I've seen this on other forums, GTAForums have it don't they, I'm pretty sure thats quite easy to make if someone hasn't already done it.

3. Shoutbox is a big no no, always gets spammed.

4. Gang icons I could work into the system, maybe by next week that will be in the gang system.

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Actually, the karma system is a thing that is a reward for doing good things. For example, i help many people and make a useful thread and a mod gives me it (it's shiny) and people can see that i did something good. The warn system (the wanted stars) suck ass though.

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At GTA Forums, it's right there on the warn system. And it works a bit different. Instead of being punished for wrong doing, it's rewarded for good doing. It's competely sissy and stupid. It's like, "Oh, we should reward members for doing good things!", "Instead of punishing bad members, let's just reward good members!".

Fuckin' pathetic.

Warn System > Karma System

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Yes but a karma system is also good, it would encourage good things to be done instead of bad. If there was some reward for it anyway. Warnings would still be handed out.

Yeah, but I hate how people are getting more and more sugarcoated as the days pass. Instead of saying "No, that is not good. You should do blah, blah, blah", they say, "Wow! That's really good!". WTF IS THAT SHIT!?

The Karm System is just another way of sugercoating shit.

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