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The Office


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I love the US version. The UK one never did it for me for some reason. I think it's because Steve Carell (or probably the writers) manages to make his character an idiot as well as sometimes lovable, while Ricky Gervais couldn't make the combination imo. Plus in the US one you see a lot from the rest of the office workers, which didn't happen in the UK one.

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Did anyone watch the whole night of the 1st season of The Office UK when it was on? It was 3 hours, 6 episodes and had new footage and interviews with Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant and hollywood actors. I watched the last hour, and it was great. I hope they do the same with season 2 at some point.

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I saw the Ricky Garvais version original on my PSN, since the BluRay on my used system wasn't working, I could only use PSN content for the time being, and of course, you have Hulu and some other new online sources, like Netflix

One of the better cast replacements in history, perhaps, The original version just can't compare, but Ricky's still credited with work on both.

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I think Ricky Gervais is hilarious most of the time. UK version of The Office was ok, haven't seen then US so can't compare. I've heard it's actually funnier though which is pretty strange, usually the US remakes of British shows are fucking terrible.

The US version is definitely funnier. Wish I could say the same for Shameless U.S, what a mockery.. It shouldnt of even happened, what they did was basically take the entire script from the 1st few series.. And Americanized it, same cast..Same plot's and everything.. I guess they can't understand our accent's so they have to make US versions of everything we do >.>

But Ricky Gervais is a LEG-END.. I love an Idiot abroad make's me LMFAO

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