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Yeah I guess but come on guys, it's no use crying that it's dead. Do something about it.

For example I posted a sugestion a while ago and only Chris replied, people have got to do some effort.

Precisely - spot on. This is one of the many threads on the same subject(hell, off-hand, I think I may have thrown up this style of thread before). Also, I did see your thread Ivan, and was gonna reply but I wanted to think about your post a little more so I can give a more in-depth post.

Some things are changing behind the scenes. If I can get Chris to agree.

How does an influx of several thousands new users sound?

I'm all in favor. I know I'm not in any aspect of the word "staff" around here but I'd happily help however possible. I currently have so much time on my hands it's not even funny.

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Grand Theft Wiki is leaving Wikia. I have proposed a partnership with TGTAP.

So GTW would link to TGTAP for all discussion, downloads, help, tech support, community stuff etc. TGTAP would use GTW as the reference for all content and articles.

This wouldn't be a merge, just a heavily-integrated partnership. It would bring a lot of GTW users to TGTAP, and vice versa.

At the same time, TGTAP would be given a good seeing-to and the overhaul it badly badly needs.

Trying to get Chris to agree :)

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I have been busy for the past month do to family and personal reasons but I should be around a lot more come the end of October. That Idea Gerard posted sounds like it could really help this place, I'm interested in to how it turns out if you can get Chris to agree.

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It's annoying coming here once every 2 or 3 days and see hardly any new posts, makes me want to leave and come back when hard info of the next GTA is out. I am posting and trying to generate some discussion, but it ain't working. Hopefully your idea will work though, Gerard.

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