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General Music Chat?

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Title says it all... what albums you looking forward to this year? What are your favourite tunes right now? Who's the next big thing? Seeing anyone good soon?

I'll start off by saying I know I've missed the boat a bit with dubstep, but really getting into it recently, especially remixes and stuff... (Trolly Snatcha, Nero, so on.) Along the same vein of British music, got cheap tickets to go and see Devlin with a mate which, given my soft spot for rap, should be good. Also the final tour of the Streets / Mike Skinner before he leaves the music industry (think he's going into films...) AND THEN... Blink - 182 in July supported by You me at Six which should kick some ass aswell.

Also seriously hyped for Rise Against's new album called 'Endgame' coming out in March.

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I fucking loved My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so I'm looking forward to Watch the Throne. However, since the first single is kinda horrible, my hopes aren't exactly high. That, Lupe Fiasco's Lasers, Travis Barker's Give the Drummer Some (if only for the proposed guests), and Art of Dying's Vices and Virtues. As to why I'd be attracted to a friggin' post-grunge band, I heard a rumor that David Draiman might be a guest which stems from the fact that the band's signed to a label he co-founded and he wants them to be popular.

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Hey Kitsune, good to see you. Yeah My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was dope. RZA and Co. did a great job producing it.

As far as producers go though, nobody can touch Steven Ellison(known as Flying Lotus) or Guillermo Scott Herren(most known as Prefuse 73) right now. I'm looking forward to anything they drop this year.

a song from Flying Lotus and
a song from Prefuse 73... to show some of what they can do.

Lately I've been listening to Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus, some beat compilations by Flying Lotus, Meditation Upon Meditations (The Japanese Diaries) by Prefuse 73, Diverse B-sides by Diverse, Empty The Bones Of You by Chris Clark, The LP by Who Cares, Superunknown by Soundgarden, Master of Pigeons by Japanther, Turn On the Bright Lights by Interpol, and anything Broadcast has made - their vocalist Trish Keenan died of pneumonia January 14, 2011. So sad. :( Other than that, been listening to a lot of other various artists like Daedelus, Dabrye, Phil Ranelin, John Fahey, John Coltrane, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Teebs, etc. etc.

I need to see the schedules of tours for some artists this year, but seeing anyone like Prefuse 73, Flying Lotus, Ras G, Samiyam, Gaslamp Killer, Teebs, Chris Clark, in California would be killer!

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I have very recently mostly thanks to Llama got into Devlin, and we went to see him live at my uni last week, he was f***ing awesome. Album I am most looking forward to this year will definitely have to Rise Against's new album, the name of which I can't remember. Also really pissed off that I checked their website the day after their tickets for their London gig went on sale only to find out they had already sold out =[

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A band started following me on Twitter a while back, and I would definitely recommend them. They sound like a mixture of Metallica and any other great rock band you can think of. Epic songs, catchy choruses, good vocals, generally great songs. They used to be called FEFF, now they're called Untapped.





They're also on iTunes as FEFF, and their only album to date is Question The Motive.

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Guns and Roses playing here, after seeing the YouTube Netcast from Rock in Rio, I'd like to see them, but I'm destitute without a job and any income. Anyone got free tickets?? We got news of BLACK SABBATH reunion finally on, New Album, New Tour, all happenin' next year.

I also want to prod you people who like ROCK and METAL music, get to making some active topics around here, respond to the RATE A SONG thread, or provide musical inspiration for GTA games, like, oh.... ?I dunno... Five??

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I was also really happy about the Sabbath reunion. The sabbath records with Ozzy are a huge inspiration to me, and have had a lot of impact in music, mainly in metal, but yeah, that was really good news. I could do without the new album and be satisfied with the tour though.

As for albums this year, I gotta say it wasn't a good year imo.

One BIG let down for me was The Hunter by Mastodon. Mastodon were/ still kinda are one of my fave bands, their first 4 albums are perfect. But this last one is just so... bad. It has good songs but they decided to be accessible in such a terrible way. They hired Mike Elizondo as producer, you might know him from working with Eminem, Dr Dre and some other peeps in the hip hop/RnB folk. Elizondo also produces one of the shittest bands out there right now, Avenged Sevenfold, and he pretty much was Mastodons Bob Rock (you know how Bob Rock ruined Metallica via is shitty production? same thing here).

Another really shit album was Lulu by Lou Reed and Metallica. I love Metallica. I hate Lou Reed. I had faith though, maybe the 2 universes could come up with something good, but they didn't. The album is pretty out there, but it's at least to me not an interesting sound, to me it is more of a Troll album, Metallica are trolling their fanbase of idiot metalheads and Lou Reed is trolling his fanbase of asshole elitist hipster cunts.

There was some really good stuff though, california band Hella (instrumental/ math rockish sound) put out an amazing record.

Zechs Marquise, from El Paso, put out a total masterpiece, (record is called Getting Paid). I have no idea how to describe their music, it's trippy, hipnotic, it has a lot of latin music influence, they are really amazing, check 'em out.

And Opeth put out a fantastic record, Heritage. I really like most of their work, from the uber Progressive Death Metal to the more clean and prog approach of the latest record. A lot of fans hated that there was no screaming, but Mikael Akerfeldt is such a fantastic singer, and the songs are so well written, such interesting guitar playing/drumming etc.

I also think some good hip hop was put out. You have Tyler the Creator and the whole Odd Future gang, who are kinda over rated but certainly something fresh in mainstream hip hop. I mean, I haven't heard a sort of famous rapper trying to piss people off since early Eminem.Tylers album was and the mixtape Frank Ocean put out was also pretty decent. Another hip hop record I enjoyed was Section 80 by Kendrick Lamar, REALLY good production, the beats are all totally chilled, and the rapping is actually pretty clever, it's not necessarily arecord you party to, it's more of a chilled and mental type of thing. J Cole is also cool even though I haven't paid an extreme amount of attention to his record.

Red Hot Chili Peppers put out a GREAT record considering they lost John Frusciante, I mean, losing such an amazing musician and putting out a good record has got to be hard.

I know other good stuff was put out, like Bjork or the solo Thurston Moore record, but I haven't delved into 'em too much.

What did you guys like that came out this year? Or just what do you folk like in music generally.

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There's new Megadeth. However, I'm not opposed to Lou Reed at all, The Velvet Underground for instance?? He's also covered by the famed Jane's Addiction, on their seminal first LP. As well as the Cowboy Junkies. I'm not a fan of them, but I checked out more of Reed after the Janes album blew me away, There's is better, so who's to say what to make of the Metallica connection, they got their start making covers their own, I might remind you... Diamond Head, Budgie?! Even King Diamond inspired the young Lars Ulrich

As far as new tunes that bounce, Maybe you can relate to ADD by Loomis and the Lust?? Funny vid, short song...not too long...

"Media" be the BB code, whole URL string... M'kay, now I remember...

Johnny Van Zant's major RAGER hit before he fronted the reformed Lynyrd Skynyrd. The right man for the job

I'm watching FREEBIRD on theCOOLtv as I add this post....

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There's new Megadeth. However, I'm not opposed to Lou Reed at all, The Velvet Underground for instance?? He's also covered by the famed Jane's Addiction, on their seminal first LP. As well as the Cowboy Junkies. I'm not a fan of them, but I checked out more of Reed after the Janes album blew me away, There's is better, so who's to say what to make of the Metallica connection, they got their start making covers their own, I might remind you... Diamond Head, Budgie?! Even King Diamond inspired the young Lars Ulrich

To me Megadeth had 2 amazing albums, RIP and Peace Sells, the rest doesn't hold my attention so well, I was actually interested in the new one, from what Mustaine said in interviews it sounded like it was gonna be pretty cool, butI dont like what I've heard at all.

And yeah, VU was a very influential band. And yes, the JA cover is quite good (let's face it, Jane's Addiction when they had Eric Avery? "shit was the mad notes"). And yeah, Metallica did cover those bands and certainly draw an influence, but hey, so do most musicians right?

The Reed/ Tallica just thing didn't work for me. I can't even applaud both sides on being brave musically, because come on, Metallica and Lou Reed have enough money and are in such a position that they can pretty much do whatever they want.

I see you like a lot of classical rock and 80s rock. Can't really say I dig that stuff. The most classic rock things I listen to are probably the occasional Led Zep. Also Sabbath. Oh and, does ZZ Top and T Rex count?

EDIT: Lately I've been listening to a lot of Soundgarden and this band called Retox.

Man I know everyone goes on about Pearl Jam and Nirvana, but compared to SOundgarden and ALice in Chains, those bands can go fuck themselves.

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Soundgarden and Pearl Jam collide.^ Seattle was a hot bed in the early 1990s, that's how that came to be

Jeff Ament on bass.. (playing in the MLB video, later Pearl Jam)

Dedicated to Mother Love Bone. Seattle band that reminds me of Van Halen in a way

I am very much RAISED ON ROCK, from way, way, way back. So, I also happen to like a large variety, but Hard Rock and Metal as well as Classic Rock is ma thang!

I can't help but like it really. As for new Megadeth, it's still the MD I believe, not too unlikeable, it seems Mustaine has a different Snarl these days.

The artists mentioned, they are Rock artists, Lou Reed is not really Rock N Roll, in the traditional sense. It's like saying Neil Young is Rock and Roll, even though he is, sometimes he's not! haha


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Ever heard temple of the dog? It's with the singer from soundgarden and a bunch of other dudes, it's only an album and it's dedicated to a friend of Layne Staley who died from heroin overdose. It's pretty cool.

Lately I've been listening to a lot of portuguese rap, it's incredibly good.

Yeah I know Temple. Eddie Vedder is in that band, and I absolutely despise any piece of music that fucker shits out.

Lol, portuguese rap? Can't get into it. What are you listening to? Not Valete or Haloween or those dudes?

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Eddie Vedder ain't bad in my book, He's rather political using music as a soap box, but a great fan of Pete and The Who, and he's alright in my book showing the music that moves him is worthy stuff

Pearl Jam was one of the best Seattle Grunge bands, they came back with TWENTY recently, since TEN was their breakout album of that time

I've been having the YES band's Roundabout playing roundabout my head for over a week now, and I dug up some Starship Troopers for you "Space Cadets" from live performance early last year

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My psicology teacher is obssessed with that band.

Been listening to Jerry Cantrell's solo work. His first album is pretty forgetable but Degradation Trip has some great songs like Locked On and Solitude.

Also been listening to My sister's machine, amazing how this band didn't make it. They may copy AIC's style a bit but they have some great tunes.

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Man I wanted to post here after I saw Battles last December. Dudes, FUCKIGN AMAZING BAND! They are somewhat of a super group, drummer was in Helmet (featured in San Andreas - Radio X) and one fo the guitarrists was in Don Caballero (legendary Math rock pioneer type of band). THey put on a great show, showing a lot of energy and technical prowess. If you want some happy music you can dance, but also think, these guys will be right up your alley.

@Ivan: What's his solo stuff like? Btw, did you try out the last AiC record? I know a lot of people who can't get past Lainey, and I certanly won't say he's bad, because he was fucking great, but the last record was really good. They still have that darkness to them and the new singer is quite good. Most people dissing on the record are well.. close minded imo.

Anyway, 2012 will probably be the best year in music for some time:

New QoTSA album is very likely

New Neurosis, Converge, High On Fire, Baroness (on the metulz side).

Big Sir, The Mars Volta will also put out new stuff.

Trent Reznor will probably drop a new How to Destroy Angels record or maybe even some NIN stuff.

New Soundgarden.

And there'll be this new super group, which has pretty much the most amazing line up: Brent Hinds from Mastodon, Ben Weinman from DEP, Eric Avery from Jane's Addiction and Jon Theodore former Mars Volta drummer. So basically, 2 of the best guitarrists today, one of the greatest bass players ever and an epic drummer.

Yep, 2012 will be amazing for me.

What are you lot expecting musically out of this year?

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Jerry is a great guitar player and amazing songwriter, but singing isn't his strong at all. Like I said, the first album is really just to avoid. Second one has good lyrics and shit, but his singing is really repetitive. Still, it's it has a couple of great songs.

I'm an absolute Layne fanboy but I put that asside for this latest album and I still can't enjoy it. Duvall is a good singer and I respect him but Layne not only gave a lot more soul to the lyrics but he could also sing a lot better and hit some ridiculous notes. You could feel his pain in the songs, because either he wrote them or they were written for him. He was Jerry's "muse" after all. With Duvall, I just don't feel it.

But I'm happy they moved on, there was no reason not to. I'm not sure they should have kept the name but it doesn't bother me.

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I like Jerry's singing actually, like in the first parts of Would. It's good stuff.

Oh well, that's fair what you say about the last record, I understand it, the thing still is pretty great. Of all the 90's revival, it was probably the best. Pearl Jam one sucked, but they sucked back then, Nirvana is for kids (but Kurt is dead anyway so, not much of a revival there), Jane's Addiction was pretty bad (which is weird since they put out such great records before), so Alice In Chains, DESPITE losing such a vital member still managed to make a good effort. So that's big props right there.

Having seen Alice In Chains live, I do think that even the biggest Layne fan should go to the show. Great live band.

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Nothing much to say, but I'm so excited for MASTODON that I must talk about it at all times.

Been waiting for this show for 3 years, god damn shit is gonna be so epic. Fuck, it'll be brutal, progressive, beautiful all at once, God damn. Brann Dailor is probably the best drummer in the rock/metal/whatever spectre, Bill Kelliher and Brent Hinds are powerful riff gods, and Troy Sanders is also a fantastic bass player. Dunno if anyone here listens to them? Here's some tracks anyway:


And this next one is imo, one of the greatest "heavy" songs of all time, it's perfect and this is an amazing performance, this is a fucking band:

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I find it hard to get into modern music.. Older music is just so much better! You've got ur beatles, the stones, hendrix, the doors, eric clapton, perl jam, pink floyd, paul weller, the who, genesis, van halen, fleetwood mac.. the list goes on and on, fuck modern music I hate it

I suppose the only modern music I listen to often is Mumford and son's.

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