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Guess who's back, back again


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I noticed *looks at his sig*... but anyways, how come you got like 50 names all over the community, lol...its like cam but instead of sites, its names

You think you are so cool right? Making fun of someones past while acting like his friend on MSN. No.

Please, never talk to me again.

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I'm a little late but I just wanted to welcome you back. So welcome back, and I hope the past is in the past and we do not have to go back to be like that. I should come around more often.

:drool:  :hug:  <--Yay!

Ey!!! Wazzup, dont worry...we are pretty cool.


I did consider you as a friend, but considering that during the 2 years or less that you were in the community, you have over 20 websites and 10 forums...screwing me in over 8 projects (without counting recent ones). Using friend's online ressources several times (..gtagaming, thegtaplace...)...im pretty much done talking to you.

I dont think im SO cool, but ey im cool alright! Lol

Anyways, i didnt make fun of you, but it was something related so i remembered your history and then i mentioned the fact of the amount of failed projects you had, but it was brief. In any case, i do not have to explain myself to you as it would end up in you dissapointing me again, somehow.

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