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What are you currently playing?


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I've been playing the BioShock Demo that came into the Xbox Live Marketplace a few days ago. It's awesome, I can't wait to buy the full game on Tuesday. Other than that, I've been playing that Beautiful Katamari Demo, Gears Of War, and Crackdown once in a while.

I'm thinking about buying Dead Rising when I get BioShock....

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I'm playing Okami, just trying to do some of the side quests.

I'm playing PES 6. This game is fun on the PSP. I guess it was really worth buying it.

Great game not sure if its the same as the PS2 version, you shoudl go on the master league if you already have post your team.

I have just played Motorstorm and Pirates of the Carribean: At worlds End

My team for Pro Evo 6 in the ML is:

Buffon (GK)

Toure (RB) Ferdinand (CB) Coloccini (CB) Evra (LB)

C. Ronaldo (RM) Gerrard(DM) Fabregas (CM) Joaquin (LM)

B.Laudrup (CF) Rooney (CF)

That's my normal starting eleven. I alternate with other players obviously, but that's probably my strongest team.

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Spent a couple hours checking out PS2 games Mamma Kitty picked up off e-bay (5 games for $10, including shipping).

FANTAVISION - Okay if you're 7 or 8.

Metal Gear: Sons of liberty - The views sucked, that one goes downstairs for the household Ompa-Lumpas.

The Mummy Returns - Okay, might play it.

CORVETTE - Pretty basic driving game, but the cars drive better than most of the games I've seen. Got that one for my kid.

Top Gear Dare Devil - SSllooww load, but funny worth the $10 paid for the bundle. You do bad driving in little crapwagons.

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San Andreas. I'm downloading and doing my favorite missions since I really can't live through San Andreas' painfully long storyline.

Edit: Damn, I just can't beat the first half of part three of End of The Line. It takes some good driving skills to be able to chase Tenpenny.

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Well, the latest game I have is Ruby, and I restarted that a few weeks ago to get the Master Ball. (I never got it the first time through, yet I still got Rayquaza and Groudon!) But, I'm not gonna go down to the store and pick up that new Pokemon game on the Wii. Even if it's got online play.

San Andreas Multiplayer.

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