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What are you currently playing?


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Half life 2, just past the part where you first get the rocket launcher, take down the gunships, and take your buggy into the sandtraps. Ravenholm is hell on hard mode. My advice: If you've got low health, blag it and run.

It may be me, But HL2's hard mode has nothing on Quake 2's hard mode. Makes HL2 look like child's play IMO. Can't wait till the bridge part, i am in love with the crossbow.

( I have completed it before, as well as some of Episode One.... But post - format the save went bye-bye...Plus it gives me smething to do, since lat time i did it on easy...I was a wuss.)

Gonna go pay some GMod soon. My freind olly (genius) mapped a part of our school, and i can play around in my school on GMod! Though it'll be even cooler when it's finished. I'm making the artwork, logo's and Alpha/ Beat testing for him.

Will attatch if anyone REALLY wants it, it's only a small portion though. Science block, and Media block. And the 'farm' area is full of PreFabs.

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Dead or Alive 3. Hitomi is the best character in that whole franchise.

I wonder why you think that WnN2 :rolleyes: But yeah that game is pretty fun.

Playing Hitman: Contracts right now, got it for 10$ and wanted to get Contracts but mixed them up.

Brunette and karate chick. And I kick ass with her. Need I say more?

skate demo. I'm liking this game a little more than Tony Hawk...

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They'll probably find small pieces of a red wrench in those figurines... :P

Anyways, after downloading the demo, realized my graphic card is just a little under the requirements. And I lacking .4Ghz (making the game pretty laggy) So guess I won't be playing the game on my PC anytime soon. :( I'll get it for 360 though.

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