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GTA III still. Just passed Waka-Gashira Wipeout. ^_^

*waits IMpatiently for new AOE3 expansion*

*tries to go forward in time with time machine*


*looks down trousers*

*notices defectively small package due to failed experiment*


*decides waiting would have been better*

*tries to go BACK in time with time machine*

W00t! I'm back and as well-endowed as ever. Modest too.

^ Very random OT little story there... Only read if you are prepared to think i'm a weirdo. :mellow:

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Weird is that of all the games I get hooked by is one that turned up in a batch of games Mamma Kitty got cheap on e-bay.

F***ing URBZ. If this shows up at your house, run, it's worse than crack.

Anyone know the code to remove the blur when she's in the shower?

No code to remove the pixel. Sorry. And I effin' love the Urbz. That game was the only reason I beat the crap out of my Xbox (it kept freezing at Neon East), but I still love it.

Saints Row.

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At least my Urbie can cook sushi. :lol:

Looking forward to SR2.

Also re-visiting Scarface (it's a LOOOOONG wait to GTA4).

Pfft. You're talking to someone who completed all nine jobs on all levels after damn near breaking his Xbox. The biggest flaw of that game, however, was the skill building. Thumb...can't...bash...A button any longer...

Halo 2. It's a long wait until Halo 3. Yeah, 10 days is too long for anything.

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