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What are you currently playing?


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Going to play GTA III. I've got to finish off the Yardies' missions.


Can't pass the one with the spanked up guys though, too freakin' hard. Any tips / advice on that one?

Yeah, I used an AK to take the down and they seem not to stop chasing you until you blow up their Rumpos or Ponys (They look similar). It was also annoying when they all kept saying "Special Delivery, TNT!" Then they chuckle evilly.

Well, I'm playing GTA III again. I've only got the last two D-Ice missions then I have to do the Marty Chonks missions then I'm done with it.

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Thanks rashon.

My PC is being a totla bitch right now for no reason, it can play FEAR on medium settings, But GTAIII lags up. For no fucking reason. My PC has all the panels taken off, fans on full blast, DVD drive open :huh: Fan dust filters taken off, Blanking plates out, a desk fan on it, I got my window open, and my door (baxks out oto garden :P) and it still lags whenever i move the camera, what the fuck is up??

But yeah, i'll give it a go soon.

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Pro Evolution 6, I was going to get Warhawk but decided not to, since I think I would get sick of it plus I haven't really touched my ps3 with a ps3 game in weeks.

My team is





Beines (captain)

Ronaldo (cristiano not the fatty one)


Shweinzteiger (sp he is a German Playmaker)



Fernando Torres

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