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Guest dojokc

wepons of LB

what is your favoroute wepons  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. what is your favoroute wepons

    • bat
    • pistol
    • uzi
    • AK-47
    • M16
    • bazooka
    • fists granades
    • motrove cocktails

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well lets put it like this

ak-47 : good close range also if you run out of runs its nice and heavyso beat em over the head with it

m-16 : good at far range often mistaken for sniper riffle but unlike the ak it dont have armour piercing bullets

plus you buy ak 47's for 18 dollars in africa :pissedred:

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Mine is M16

Its the one-hit wonder

Its fun to do this

-Get on the back of a car

-Whip out your M16 and keep shooting until you crash off.

OFFTOPIC:You notice that the Mafians in GTA3 dress differently in GTAVC?

ONTOPIC:Wheres the sniper rifle?

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