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Do you know a site where I can get GTA PSDs...? hence the topic title..

Yes, I figured that much out....

yeah, well isn't there a site that has psds off all the gtas.. no particular file just different ones to choose from?

Do you have any clue what you're even talking about? You keep saying PSDs as if that is specific or something. A PSD can be virtually anything. A sig PSD? Avatar PSD? Wallpaper PSD? Website layout PSD? Banner PSD?

Do you know what a PSD is? GTA doesn't have "PSDs"....

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I have a couple of .EPS files. That's proper scalable vector images. i.e. if you really want to you could make it 10000x10000 pixels or something and it'd be in perfect quality...

I have .eps for the R* logo and the GTA3 logo. And from the GTA3 logo you can of course just chop off the III to get the GTA logo which is what I did for the above.

If I remember I'll make a list of all the stuff I have and post it here.

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