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What?! Sony have their own dedicated servers unlike people who pay to host their own games (Looks at Xbox 360). Besides, there was no lag for the 40p Resistance, what would make you think that there would be lag for 20 more?

I've experienced lag with Resistance and COD4. You obviously haven't, but I'm proof that there is.

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They do have a point, I use to play alot of Resistance online and loved the matches with loads of people and always went in the 40 player ones, I barely ever experienced Lag. Besides, I'm sure with the experience Imsoniac has they'll work it out, they wouldn't have 60 players online if they knew it would have Lag.

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Yeah, basically what Ciaran said, the community aspects are gonna make Little Big Planet an amazing game. You could customize your character and the world around you from scratch. I honestly can't wait for Little Big Planet.

It is ranked third on my list of things I want...

  1. GTAIV
  2. Home
  3. Little Big Planet

But it's ranked number one on my list with PS3 only game titles.

I got Burnout: Paradise today! :clapping:

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