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To Kokane fans


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we need nudez

I have them.

We would break the forum rules and I'd have to ban the person who posted nude pics on here

(unless it's in the elite forum :P)

Such a tease.

What I didn't actually realise was how far this has gone to the point that she has "fans", I mean I thought the infamous 2004 period (search if you really wanna know) with me and her was like a one off for the forum, I find this pretty funny though :)

It'll be interesting what shit gets made - I might make something a little more, shall we say, boner-inducing!

maybe not. Such a tease.

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For fun? Duh... It's kind of funny. Like in the old days with Spaz (read some old topics) everybody started accusing him of not believing that Kokane plays GTA. And made up more and more accusations.

Here Skyline starts suspecting something and OGM calls it obsession now? It was made for people who like Kokane and find her beautiful. If you find that weird then you don't have to watch it. Anyway thanks for the positive feedback.

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