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Ok, Im just not understanding this here, whoever thinks that the Kokane wallpaper is (relatively) weird or bad, pleeeaaase tell me why, and please, be specific. Dont just say because its creepy or some other typical answer. I need to know exactly why. Like I said , IM JUST NOT UNDERSTANDING THIS!! If I knew I was an exceptionaly attractive person, and someone made a wallpaper of me, I be thrilled for cryin out loud!, not disgusted.

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Well to answer your question as to why people say its "creepy" and weird" is simply because... a lot of murderers and perverted people begin to do these sort of things before they go and do something to a certain someone...of course this is what went through my mind when I noticed he was a new member when he posted this. This is just one of the many things that could be thought of when viewing this topic to cause it to be labeled things such as "creepy".

Seeing that this is an old member...it's not that creepy but still somewhat shows obsession.

SIDE NOTE: This is obviously not what everyone thought, but seeing as this was what I thought...I figured I should post because there is a small chance that others thought this as well.

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c'mon, you're forgeting something..I donno where yellowcard is from be im from the eastern side of europe, how can it happen? AND those assassins make strange and WIERD things, this is not creepy, if I had some Xs over my eyes and other strange things in the photos, yes..but no ;)


anyway here's something for my fans :lolbounce:, they are older but you havent seen them anyway so..:



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What I'm saying about all these posts... is... OLOLOLOLOL Dumbasses... Obsession? Get A Life? Pervert? When I want to make a f***ing wallpaper then I will and it's not an obsession... I found this member's pictures thread and found some pics of Kokane. To kill time I did a wallpaper. Sue / ban me...

Edit: If you find females creepy / weird then please, click "Back" button in the left top corner of your browser...

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