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YOu can't say that suddenly in the Big Community Thread.

edit: wow, 8 posts made in that /b/ thing in just 1 minute. Ow, and first thing I saw was

Girl with Dick.

And a few sexy pics to, those might be the adictive ones.

I might even join...

NO, I won't. There's something about it that I don't like, and I don't want to be heavily addicted to any forum with exeption of tgtap.

They make way more posts than that. Look on the first page, and refresh. I bet you anything the order has changed((eleven pages or so, with the newest topics first, once a topic is older than page 10 it is gone forever. Annoying)).

DON'T join. Just post anonymously if you want. Also, it isn't the sexy pics that are addictive. It's the REALLY ODD and usually disturbing stuff. Y'know, the stuff you don't want to look at, but for some odd reason you can't turn away from it?

And good, you SHOULDN'T like 4-chan. It's evil.

But buy my shirt anyways. Please?

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I know the feeling.. You see something and think "ah, that never again". Later you'l think, just to check... was it THAT bad. Or something like that.

And I want to buy loads of stuff on the net, it's just.. I lack a visa and pay-pal..

So is that cafepress something where you can have your own little shop?

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4chan's cool once you realise how everything goes down there. Good old school bulletin board system really. The image boards are the best.

I normally hang around in /s/... yeah and obviously /b/, /gif/ has some pretty funny stuff sometimes, /hr/ sometimes has some nice high res women posted ^_^

Weird though because I'm not really into the whole anime/manga thing which the majority seem to like there.

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