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K. Well this should be a useful campaign to rapidly boost our post count right up to 500,000 so we can get on the legendary www.big-boards.com :)

I wonder if this will become the most posted in topic on TGTAP. It's got potential.

I think I need a new iPod.

Oh yeah and post counts don't increase in this forum, so it doesn't really matter if you need to double post to bump this topic or anything, or have useless posts. But keep them in here though, otherwise you will be b&

And you'll receive beatings from the mods, the only way out of that is by giving sexual favours ;)

It would be good to see us on big-boards.com, plus once your on there you can only go up, right? Unless you close the forum, which I won't let you do :P .

The topics going good so far. I haven't got anything random to say, except that I just had a hair cut.

That is all.

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Does anybody here go on any of the 'chan' sites much? 4chan.org mainly.

I do -.-

4chan.org stole my soul. My childhood has been raped. STAY THE f*** OFF OF 4-CHAN!!!!! I WAS WARNED, AND I DIDN'T LISTEN. OBEY MY COMMANDS. STAY. OFF. 4CHAN!!!

But, if you are an unlucky soul who couldn't stay the f*** off, buy a shirt and proudly proclaim you're a /b/-tard((that is, if you were sucked in the Random section /b/ like most people. If you are from any other section besides /d/, /e/, /h/, /u/, or a very select other few, then GTFO of my internets. Now.)).

/b/-tard shirt

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hey i just got firefox should i use it or should i use IE 7

IE 7 FTW!!!

You sir are crazy. Firefox FTW! Anyone seen this before? It was hidden in Firefox 2.0, but was removed in Firefox or 2.0.1 what ever it is. Click the tap to turn it on and off.

I have used FF but it just didn't like it at all, it's still installed though.

everyuone whatcht saddam hagging dude. so, yeah, beat that :P

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I have used FF but it just didn't like it at all, it's still installed though.

You are crazy. The only way I can see someone not liking Firefox is if they ride Microsoft's dick all the time. It's the same thing as IE, it looks almost the same, works almost the same, you can't really tell you're in another browser. That is, of course, besides the fact that everything is loading faster, you're getting less viruses, and you have 100+ features that you chose personally for Firefox.

I looked at that 4chan.org It looks boring as hell if you ask me...

Jace, I'm beginning to think you're out of your mind. Look through it. Seriously. It's the internet's dumping grounds. The worst shit gets thrown there. It's sick. It's twisted. It, personally, probably needs to be shut down to save all of the hopeless souls who can't stop going to it.

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YOu can't say that suddenly in the Big Community Thread.

edit: wow, 8 posts made in that /b/ thing in just 1 minute. Ow, and first thing I saw was

Girl with Dick.

And a few sexy pics to, those might be the adictive ones.

I might even join...

NO, I won't. There's something about it that I don't like, and I don't want to be heavily addicted to any forum with exeption of tgtap.

Edited by Jace
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