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Windows Vista


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The new Windows OS is here?

The things i am going to talk about here are:

1. Will all our much loved games still run on it?

2. Will the cost of computer's rise?

3. virus's and worms

Will all our games still run?

Most recent games should still run but i think old Windows 95 games might back fire.

for all our DOS, windows 9X and windows 1.0,2.0, 3.11 games will need a program to slow the computer down and work with new sound , grafic and cpu's

The cost of pc's?

The problem that pc makers have to worry now is how they can buld a pc or lappy that can run vista and wont make it look like and old dog and still be afordable

windows vista itself is $200 to $500 and it needs a lot of power.

all of the things that have to go into the pcs to make it run smoth.

even 512 mb ram and 1.20Ghz and 128mb Vram and just run it.


I think that people should just wait 1 more year to get it. Let people find out what is wrong with it like holes and viruses

let it sink in.

Your not missing much apart from wasting alot of money and some fancy graifcs.

So don't up grade form XP to vista wait til its peinstalled on you lappy or pc

Well i hope you all think before you buy.


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If anything they should run better performance wise. Anyway, move your continued discussion to the topic linked to in Wu-Zi-Mu's post please, this topic will be locked momentarily (I hope :P).

Um, the link in Wu-Zi's post isn't about Vista, it's about Vista's style icons for XP......

So it is, but if you see the last two pages theres information there, as well as the price of Vista.

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What's wrong with Vista needing high requirments. If you make a new OS it's cause the old one is laging in it's time. And protection for HD-DVD is good to.

Microsoft is not to blame for these measures, they have been forced to do this by the movie studios.

The Protected Video Path will not actually be used for quite a while. There is said to be an agreement between Microsoft and Sony that Blu-Ray discs will not actually mandate protection until at least 2010, possibly even 2012.[18]Vista does not degrade or refuse to play any existing media, CDs or DVDs. The protected data paths are only activated if protected content requires it.

Users of other operating systems such as GNU/Linux or Mac OS X will not have legal access to this kind of premium content at all, however it is likely that software will be eventually engineered to facilitate viewing without restrictions and without asking permission from the movie industry.

Microsoft's pricing of Vista has been criticized by many as too expensive.

Nobody is forcing you to buy it. But I do agree with the price difference being unfair. Highly unfair.

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It's fair point, if you have all the fancy bits of Vista turned on you can hardly expect it to run on that old computer you've had for ages, realistically Vista should have good tech requirements - it's the natural order of things, we're going to be stuck with that OS for a while (that is not a prompt for Mac/Nix users to jump in and start converting people) and the computer industry is moving fast. My laptop is twice as good as my desktop, and my desktop is only a few years old. So if you're looking to run a high end copy of Vista on full features on a crap PC think again, because realistically you shouldn't be able to. Upgrade your machine and use Vista or use a different OS, simple as. Just stop complaining about it, afterall there are plenty of other options, many good ones of which are free.

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Windows Vista is just rying to be Mac... But requires more "Yes" and "No", and of course, unbelivably high system specs, I mean, it's a f***ing OS, not a f***ing game.

Bill Gates... Copy cat mo'fo! Too bad games for Mac aren't sold in Indonesia, cause I love Mac!

Too bad games for Macs aren't sold anywhere. You actually think serious game developers port their shit to OS X?

EA Doesn't

Valve Doesn't

Rockstar Doesn't

[insert big developer here] Doesn't

And most other people don't.

OS X takes the cake for being the worst OS ever, and I sincerely mean that. The ONLY reason, and I do mean the ONLY reason that Apple created Boot Camp was so people could actually run games on the machine they payed $2000+ for.

But I wouldn't worry about getting Vista either, MS is already working on it's successor, Windows 7.

Hell, if Vista wasn't so bloated and it didn't enforce quality reduction on HighDef content because my monitor isn't approved for some HDCP/ICT bullshit, and, oh yeah, and if it didn't cost $400 for the good version, I might get it.

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That was in that wikipedia article to. It's stupid to make a new OS just 2.5 years after the old one. I hope MS WON'T do that. Technology is going fast, but nog THAT fast. I don't want to buy a full new OS is that short time. Vista took 5 years to make. How'd thay suddenly won't a full new one in 2.5 years..

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chris82, OS X isn't the worse, the early Windows and very early OS versions we're just terrible.

OS X is the worst of todays OSes.

Why? It just doesn't have a lot compatible with it.

Windows runs everything and Linux is secure. OS X is just bad.

And it's not fair to compare an OS from 15+ years ago to one just released. That's like saying "Windows 95 is a lot worse than Windows XP." No shit.

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OS X is the worst of todays OSes.

Why? It just doesn't have a lot compatible with it.

Windows runs everything and Linux is secure. OS X is just bad.

I don't know how you can say that OSX is "just bad". Every operating system has its bad points...

There are a lot of new features in Windows Vista which were in OSX first, so Vista is playing catch up in a sense. I wouldn't call it a bad OS, in fact its a pretty good one. Of course it depends on what you want to use it for. There is a huge amount of first party software on Macs. The thing is Windows does run everything - but at a price. To get really good software on a Windows PC you're gonna have to shaft out your money to buy it. Thats not to say that mac software is free - its just that there is quite a lot of very good first party software available on a mac straight from the box.

And Macs do have quite a few "blockbuster" games available on them. I know not nearly as many as PCs but a lot of the high-profile titles. I myself prefer console gaming - in fact I don't really have any PC games, so maybe I'm not perfectly placed to debate this but titles like Halo, several EA titles like Battlefield, Sims 1 and 2 and an entire range of expansion packs, PGA tour... and games like C&C, COD, Warcraft, Max Payne (a Rockstar game) in there somewhere as well. A lot of games are ported by a company call Aspyr, but the games are still available - and I suppose thats all that really matters.

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