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VCS PS2 To Feature Exclusive Content


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*UPDATE*: We have now found out that the new content will be: new side missions, stunt jumps, races and jobs - this according to popular Swiss retailer Ex Libris (in German and French). (Thanks Adriaan)

An interesting discovery recently made by Italian fansite GTA-Series suggests that the PlayStation 2 version of Vice City Stories may feature some exclusive content, not seen in the PSP version.

Not all of Take2's localised websites have been updated with this information yet, but the Italian mirror has (here). The first point of interest is that it states the PS2 port features various graphical enhancements - these will probably be in the way of increased draw distance and such. The more interesting point is the mention of exclusive content.

In Italian "Numerosi i contenuti inediti, esclusivi di questa versione per PlayStation 2." - which roughly translates to new content, exclusive to this version for PlayStation 2.

Links: Take2.it VCS Page, Exlibris.ch

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Gives me even more incentive to buy it, thanks for the news Chris. I just hope, as the others have mentioned, that they fix any flaws or glitches in the game, but also to release it at the same price as when LCS came out (£14.99) because I don't wanna pay over £20 for a psp port.

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