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Favorite "Killing Cops" spot


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A pretty good spot where to kill cops is on the top floor in the car building in San Fierro. But hey man, I enjoy killing cops wherever I am, man I just love messing with them, hehe and they're so damn stupid. I remember once when I killed some punk down the street, and the cop was walking nearby and he didn't do a shit, talk about stupid, he must have been far away in his mind.

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Best spot will be pier 69. There is only one place cops can come from (except helis). I will be speeding down the pier in a bullet, with 4 cops on m tail...and just as i reach the end, i bail. those morons go right into the water. Ha. But i also love sniping from rooftops. Low buildings are best.

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The army ship? Yeah, that's right, you can sneak inside right? Yeah, good killing spot, and good for escaping when it gets too hot. Also, I know somewhere in Los Santos, there is a great cop killing spot under the bridge, it's somewhere where the Los Santos Vagos hangs out, I believe it's in North Los Santos.

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