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What happened to you today


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I bought Balls of Steel on DVD for a laugh, and began to remember loads of great scenes that I forgot about previously. Got my hair cut as well, and listened to an eventfull night in the champions league - A.S Roma won 2-1 against Man u :( but we're still in the tie, and I fully expect them to win when I'm at OT for the 2nd leg, and Chelsea drew 1-1 at home with Valencia, so they have a mountain to climb :)

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again is everyone naked...

i woke up, turned on the TV, in my room, watched "juntos: el show de la mañana", after that, i watched Forrest Gump, but the signal got screwed in te part when they'r on vietnam, so i dressed up, and went down ( i was alone, because my mom went to my auntie), i made a fried egg, and turned on my comp, i started MSN messenger, by putting the password Ret...HEY!!!

and now im here

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I just can't make up my mind.

Go to the tournament tomorrow or not..

Sure it will be fun, but it's good friday. I'm suppossed to refrain from these type of things on good friday.

But I'm actually just blocking myself of doing stuff.

On the other hand; the teams name is "hot chicky's". Yeah, a girl came up with that name.

If you read this, then in that case: Bitch

Obviously meant for that girl. She's extreemly annoying and one of the reasons NOT to go. But my friend is participating so it won't be a big deal. I'll just ignore that girl.

Damn it. Somebody help me with this choice :(

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I play PC for a several hour ate a cow and now I'm here!

Damn you must of been really hungry :)

I`m kinda sad, I watched a football match, a derby match (like Barca-REal Madrid,AC Milan-Juventus...) between the top teams of my country and my team lost 2-4.

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