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What happened to you today


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Well today was Monday <_< So I didn't wake up to happy after having many fantasies that night ahhhh :P Its weird how you fell even more tired when its a school day then on holidays. Any way i was on my way to catch the train to go to school.Yay be fifteen minutes late while im in the sweltering heat, but i guess im used to it being late BURN in hell QR. Ok so the trains here finally and some retarted primary school kid has vomited all over the entrance of the train so i have to walk around it and let me tell you it smelt. Well that was the most hectect part. The rest of my day was quite boring except when I had my Asian religion teacher that class is fun.Maybe cause I like Asian's for some weird reason. And then I got home and do what i do and came here. I've wrote alot haven't I, I could go on but the rest will bore you to death I tell you to death :evil:

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Had a stupif field trip today lol, atleast I got outa school for it. It was called challenge day where we "expressed" our feeling and talked about boring stuff. A bunch of people cried though :mellow: Got home, played SA for an hour an a half makin big explosions with a google of cars, and them did an hour of F.E.A.R. Pretty good day though overall. Can't wait for dinner though...

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The first 3 hours at school were OK

Got two grades/marks today A+(10), B(8), and a test-paper at math, I hope I`ll get a good grade.

Off-Topic:I`m kinda stuck on FEAR so Nate, have you completed that mission in the sewers or whatever?

My mom is gonna make me some pizza today ....

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A weird day today, I originally intented to do some developing in the dark room, and it somehow changed from that, to sitting in my teachers car listening to him singing... >_> Don't ask, it was just an odd day. I did eventually get the developing done, but it took up a lot of my free time.

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