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What happened to you today


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Went to shool (sucks), but me & my mate stu were drinkin vodka in media soo... that kinda made it better. (outta a boack sports kinda bottle so no - one noticed :) )

Went to see my GFm, than went to my mate cos he's goin skitz over sum girl (no names, he is a member here after all!) but yeah, calmed him down..

My mate is proposin to his spanish exchange partner today... accident waitin to happen, he's a real joker tho.

Ate some food.

Came online...

Thats my day so far.

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Split my shin open and had to get 7 stitch's after a 5 hour wait in emergency while getting annoyed by drunkered's who stank of booze trying to scronge a smoke....although the nurse was hot so that made up for alot!! Other than that my day was quite normal!! :D Check how sexy my fukin leg's are!! ;)


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Got a detention today at school for being tardy. Whatever... Other than that good.

What do you mean being tardy. Today i washed our car went into a ghost town of a shopping centre and went for a half hour ride oh and went grocery shopping which i hate.

Lol, it means being late. Shoulda just said late.

edit: So far it's just, raining....

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