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What happened to you today


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Oohhh, hehe I see... ;) Nice going man... Hehe, nah but what the hell... It's just some fckn exam you know... Not to sound aggressive but it's not a big deal... Hehe, how did you act? Did you say something like... Oh man... I can't take it anymore... I think I'm gonna throw up. :)

No, my teachers are easy ones, I "had" headache, and that's one f***ing big exam

EDIT: Half of my class got D, soooooooo!!!

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Damn I`m so f***ing mad on my teacher,she`s gonna ruin my grades by giving me an 8(I think B in some coutries)(in my country grades are measured from 1 to 10) so I wanna kill her :).I made a minor mistake on a test and she droped my grade with 2 points.I`ve got an 10(equivalen of A+ in some countries) at maths today.I had a week full of test-papers.I wwnt to the park today with my collegues.

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Gycu man, relax, it's just a fckn test alright... :) School is just a little part of your life, after all that shit you forget everything, the rest is up to you man. Oh well, anyway, been kinda boring today... I'm tired and all, dammit, and it's such a long time until GTA IV is released, man why October all the time eh? Damn. Anyway man, been training today, real hard, I'm tired... Been cleaning the apartment a little bit... Yeah, been watching Charmed, oh man those girls are so hot...! Oh and ArtSweet, seriously? Did they said you had morphine in your urine?

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Damn this smeseter(from september 2006 to january 2007) I`ve got the main grade 9.36 (that means about 93.6% of a perfect student`s grades) and this semester I hope for 9.21 minimum and maximum I can reach 9.67,I think i`m gonna get about 9.47.BTW I`m the 6th in my class,rom a total of 28 students.So grades really ruin all.If you get an 8 you`ll need about 3 grades of 10 to have 10 at that subject.Hope you understand how grades go in my country.you get a grade from 1 to 10.

BTW If you go to univesity you`ll have 16-17-18 years of school lol.I hope I`ll make it there.BTW Watching today my sister playing GTA San Andreas really entertained me :) she has 18 years :))) When she fell into the water she screamed:Help me!!!So funny.BTW gotta go `cuz my other sister wnats to play at the computer.Today,as all-days of this month I checked out from timie to time the GTA4 Trailer Countdown.

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damn! your right! my brother has lied to me! morphine is different than weed

that means i'm clean! :lol:

i never tried anything but that.

this day is exhausting

-me and my friends had to help the seniors, they have this school concert coming on saturday.

-i have to go home after school because it's already late

besides that today is an ordinary day <_<

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