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What happened to you today


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What are you talking about I thought that A and B are best grades because in my country we have numbers for grades.

Yes in my country too.Yes A and B are the best grades but I was just telling you to watch out not to get a C or a D...so to not have the hole alphabet :) I just tried to make a joke sorry.

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Well I suppose it's been a pretty decent day you know. Today I've been training alot, again. And I've been playing some Vice City Stories on the PS2, really in love with this game, but the framerate isn't that good and I'm not really comfortable with the camera angles when driving, but the on-foot gameplay is much better than in VC. In VC Tommy ran unrealistcally fast if you know what I'm saying. And the soundtrack is a little bit better, and of course, Vice City has never looked so good :)

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Yesterday a special school counselor called me and most of my friends up one by one. Apparently they received a list from a mother who's child doesn't even go to my school that we were all in a cult and have a suicide pack. Why? Because we either wear cat ears or cat collars. So now my counselor wants my mother to send me to Halifax, a place for troubled teens, and live there on campus for a while. It is all total lies ... I never heard anything about a "cat cult" in my life.

I saw the list of names that we all apparently signed ourselves ... most of them were not even spelled right. Also my friend was put down as "Megan - the chubby one with a cat bell" She saw that and was pissed. The counselors are complete idiots if they even thought for a second any of this junk was true. >.<

*sigh* sorry for ranting like that

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Today was average. I was looking for a new coat with my parents, and my mum got fed up after a while and went off somewhere. I then lost sight of my dad and I stood around for about 20 mins, looking like a twat. I didn't end up with a coat in the end, either. Still, Man U won today so at least thats something :)

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Well today at school i had to do my debate on the topic "That ....................... should only sell healthy foods at the

^ my school name

tuckshop. But we lost cause the other to people in our group were shit. And we were affirmative so i thought it would be easier our last speakers rebuts made no seen. He pissed me off. I got a B and the other two got C's.

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i met a really annoying guy in some store,

he's said f**k off when i accidentally step on his feet,

then i punch him right in the face

man, it felt so good B)

i wish CJ can punch wu-zi-mu like that, when he told CJ to swimming mission, cause he almost got a condom stuck to his face, but that wu-zi guy only laughin' CJ's all around, what an ass

wu-zi-mu suck

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