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What happened to you today


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what happened to me, well it started like 3 weeks ago, it was a perfect monday, until one of my best friends tells me that he fckn hates me, till today i don't know what his reason is, but i assure you that today has been a really bad day to me, because of him, i remain in my house for 3 weeks, and he told my other friends to hate me literally! :pissedred:

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Um, just one question man, is he a teenager? You know how the hormones play rock and roll in that age :) But I don't know man, it could be anything you know... So he also told your other friends to hate you? Well then, if those friends are true friends, they wont hate you and realize it's just a load of crap talking.

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Ooh, I had a pretty crap day.

1. My "mate" told my sister that I look at porn and that I masturbate.

2. My sister went through MSN

3. I got flamed

4. I got all wet when my dogs came in.

5. My mate blamed me when he was stealing tennis balls.

hahahaha that's so random. Especially the 1st thing. WTF?

Nothing will happen today, only study. Same as f***ing yesterday.

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i watched TV, made my bed, i saw a hot girl on TV, did what most of men do when they see a hot girl on TV, changed clothes, i brushed my teeths, took the dog out, took the garbage out, i check'd my MSN inbox, chatted a bit, made a sawn-off shotgun for VC, watched pics of hot girls....thats all i think

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1. Sat my Economics Exam, and did really well I think.

2. Got a Prac Report back from my Physics teacher who gave me a bad mark because she hates me. Grr.

3. Nearly finished my IPT assignment, and it's looking great.

4. About to install Photoshop on to my new Vista Install.

5. Read this topic.

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Well toay i had to go to school :mellow: and in fist break had to finish a 450 word draft cause i left it at home. A couple of days ago somone got scissors stabbed through their knee and i was told thier in hospital and it went in 6 inches. and on the train going home it looked like a mental person kept staring at me...........I was very scared

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It was far too cold to go out for recess today (I'm in grade 8) so I stayed inside and ran through the halls. Great fun. Then the teachers and the students had a basketball game. It was boring so, once again, I ran through the halls. My friend went through a teachers desk and stole a can of pop from it. Jolly good.

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