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  1. Jumped out of a moving bus and fell down,Now i have a twisted ankle and no classes for 3-4days...w00t....GTA and internet all day!!
  2. Get into an helicopter,Move to Las venturas zombies freak me out!!!
  3. Nope,I dont think there's anything stoping you from going higher maybe after some time everything goes black(not cheaked it)
  4. I like the Comet it has good handling and a good speed But if its a 4door car i like the police car!!
  5. EvoLuTioN


    do you giv BJ's???
  6. Wow i really dont have a life!! Hiw come your so smart???
  7. Who's brandy?? Is she hot?? Is she the girl in your sig?? How come she didnt show me when i added her in my sigg?? Did you just try to cheat us?? Why am I asking sooo many Q's???
  8. Hey dude! wassup!! howdy doing? Jus droped by to say Hi!! tc

  9. Thats not a problem, Im cool with it Woah!! Look who's shouting around silly sigs, Isnt that Ram's userbar in your sig?? Or is that so silly that you added it as your sig!! Its not a bad thing to take tips from other members,I too took some tips on transperancy from Spaz And Ram those sigs look kinda wicked!!Great job, Your getting preey good at photoshop!!
  10. I think you get a rocket launcher near ther airport, Not sure if its bfore this mission or after!!
  11. Hey all nw guys!! have a fun time here!!
  12. Was thinking about the same thing,all GTA games have been released around around May and June so this one too should come out at that time!!
  13. EvoLuTioN


    Wooo BABY!!! So weres your real body?? Why have you taken over Dazza's body?? Kar-El didnt require any one elses body!!!
  14. EvoLuTioN


    Nope just cheaking!! So are you GOOD or EVIL???
  15. EvoLuTioN


    Does it burn when you pee???
  16. Hey dude u rock at photoshop!!!

  17. ^^Silbero Silva the great My GTA VC is up again so preety much busy with that Im learning some new trick in photoshop!!! Im proud of myself.
  18. Happy B'day godfather!! Have a great year keep stunting!!
  19. oh ya i forgot one thing!! I LEARNT TO USE PHOTOSHOP!!
  20. Hey i made up a dazza bar!! w00t!! heres the code!! [img=http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/5917/dbardi4.jpg]
  21. hey dude!! just droped by to say hi!!

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