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    Playstation Magazine USA Sends Out Preview Of GTA IV

    No no no no no no no..... No longer 3rd view in a car? Its going to be that first person view isnt it?
  2. 7.62mm

    The iPhone sucks

    This looked really cool! O well.
  3. 7.62mm

    Sex at a young age

    lol! Well I heard that the oral part is confusing because you have to do it a special way.. People say for girls its easy! But when guys have to do it to the girl everybody says you have to do exactly perfect.
  4. Yea I would be willing too If I get one I will tell him to say hi to Thegtaplace
  5. 7.62mm

    More Previews on Their Way

    Thanks Chris! Don't get to excited guys. I bet we get stuff saying like "Niko uses his cell often* and like no new screenshots. I am very suprised we dont have more screenshots at this time. Maybe tomorrow will be different.
  6. 7.62mm

    Pre-order yet?

    I'v pre ordered! EB games.
  7. 7.62mm

    New Images (?)

  8. 7.62mm

    New Images (?)

    These are all old buddy. The quality though in these are amazing man! Thats new for me!
  9. 7.62mm

    New windows?

    Well, I think it's pretty cool! Yea I know.. but I just think its a neet effect Im sure i can get it free somewhere too
  10. 7.62mm

    New windows?

    Im now looking at SphereXP Looks really badass
  11. Shakira- Eyes like yours. That song would fit Niko
  12. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Preview in Games Aktuell

    I hope when you kill a person you automattically get two stars. That way it'd be more real
  13. 7.62mm

    What are you listening to right now?

    I ran- Flock of seagulls
  14. 7.62mm

    Do you look at Porn?

    Porn? What's that? lol jk man! Hey though dont eveybody at least try it?
  15. 7.62mm

    Flooding in England

    It's dry as a bone here in Colorado Not many storms so I cant catch any lightning
  16. 7.62mm

    Where would you rather live

    Vice City. Cuz the 80's rock. I love the atmosphere as well.
  17. Ludacris BUSTA RHYMES!
  18. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Preview in Games Aktuell

    I dont get all of this hi definition stuff!!
  19. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Preview in Games Aktuell

    I just cant wait to play on my grandmas T.V which covers like a whole entire wall and its plasma!!
  20. 7.62mm

    New windows?

    Well its not Vista.. Its called Ubuntu with Beryl? Something like that! There are alot of vids on youtube with this too!
  21. 7.62mm

    Lost CMD!?!

    Command Prompt I fixed it Thanks for all ya help tho!
  22. 7.62mm

    GTA IV Preview in Games Aktuell

    20 new pics? I saw zero new pics.
  23. 7.62mm

    Security Issue's

    Man Im sorry buddy I cant imagine how I would feel if someone did that to me. Especially if they said something to my gf. I would go ape shit.
  24. 7.62mm

    Lost CMD!?!

    Thanks man I tried that but it comes up for three seconds then it dissapears