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  1. A.K.A. scared that you'll be shooped as the pizza fucker. Screw you Nate. That pizza shit is getting old.
  2. A 25-year-old Chinese workerfor Foxconn, Sun Danyong, has reportedly committed suicide afterfinding out that a fourth-generation iPhone prototype he was entrustedwith went missing. According to DigitalBeat, this story is mainly meantto show how Apple's secretive ways put a large amount of pressure allthe way to the bottom of its international supply chain. Source
  3. I don't know. But I know a topic that will help you run GTA IV : http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/topic/19399-can-my-pc-run-gta-iv/page__hl__Specs__fromsearch__1
  4. I mostly use the internet for almost everything except business. By the way I'd figure Porn will be the option with the most votes.
  5. I would post a picture here, I'm just too scared cause I'm... black. There I said it.
  6. I agree with you Thomas, but why can't you just post a link of your Bebo/Facebook/Twitter account on your AboutMe page?
  7. I was reading an article on the internet saying that if you take an airplane and drive it in the NW side of the state and fall into the water and drown, more territory would be available to obtain. So is this even true? I want to know. Oh and I've read this on GTA Wikia.com
  8. Hey Chris, some of the things on the main site are unfinished. Like the characters and things. You mind if I finish them for you?

  9. Could'nt of you guys gotten any clues from The Lost and Damned? Like on the mission Diamonds in the rough. You could just follow the limo to the club.
  10. Maybe he was.. lol. I really didn't notice the topic was old. And there's a simular topic just like that one.

  11. Its a very cool new look. I just hope you guys are changing the: White, Blue and Sky Blue back to normal or something else. I also didn't even noticed you guys changed the forum banner.
  12. I'm with you on this one Scott.
  13. There's a club called Bahama Mama's? Lol that's new to me.
  14. Maybe the Phone over heated. Thats my theory.
  15. What part of slim, didn't you get? I wanted to say a whole bunch of swear words but. Shut up Ivan. Do you even know if the Slim version of the PS3 is heavy or light weight? Why in almost every topic you post in you make some piss ass reply to me?
  16. I would only buy the PS3 slim if its not as heavy as a brick like the old one.
  17. Husky


    iPhone 3GS has made a big improvement. Steam just shut the hell up. Your the only one in this topic against the iPhone. I like it now, back then it sucked balls. Its a good phone, and the Applications can come in handy.
  18. Uh, just run the Balla's over. lol
  19. I have this game. I bought it like two years ago. Man I feel like an idiot, Raybob can I hit you up and go for multiplayer?
  20. And deletion? wtf? and modding ps2? wtf? I hope you mean patching, which doesn't happen anyways. You can mod a PS2 Version of the game, but I don't think there are any patches for the PS2. Glitches just happen. A glitch could be a lag, or an error.
  21. I think it says Santa Clause...
  22. Fuck you steveplayer I'll fly over to Australia and kick your fucking ass in a minute. xD
  23. I'm going on a date with a lady friend right now on a Sunday to the Shopping Mall.
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