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  1. I agree. That's why I ask - Why not?
  2. Yeah, I don't think it's necessary either. If a shop is doing well and popular it will have more posts in it and that would automatically drag more customers. I remember the ARR recruiment topic. Many members, including me requested to join ARR just because it had like 5 times more pages than any other recruiment topic...
  3. Law is a funny thing... Meh, it'd be best if they'd just label it AO and hit the stores. Most of us are underaged anyway, but we still play. And it would be an extra satisfaction if you could kill that goddamn lawyer a hundred times over and over again...Today a chainsaw, next time a dildo, after that 2000 bullets from a minigun. It would enhance creativity aswell.
  4. Dude this is not new. Manual gears have been here since the 1st racing games...
  5. Slayer


    When I was reading an overview of Oblivion a long time ago I thought that would be the best RPG I'd play. When I got later I started to play it but due to loads of work I had to do for school I haven't made it further than the caves level. When after some time I continued to play it I forgot all about the 1000 little things you had to worry about so I just gave up. I'll play it again from the beginning when I find some time again, prolly during next holiday if I'm stuck at home.
  6. Not if you have friends junkies...They let me some for free in case I'm in the mood. But haven't done it since the middle of July.
  7. Meh...I recommend a girlfriend, but in case you really want it, copy the content of the disc to your HDD, then I think you should open main.scm and add/change those codes (dunno rly). Burn a new disc after you've done.
  8. Bruce Springsteen - Born In The USA He's really THE BOSS
  9. Yeah well I have friends that have started with weed, prolly because of being in their teens aswell. I doubt they'll get much further than that. Even if they don't start with anything heavier (some of them already do) their brains will always be stuck at the age of 5.
  10. I'm guessing even if they remove Goldberg from the game you'll still be able to "unlock" it, something like Hot Coffe.
  11. Brilliant idea! Too bad my school full of geeks, nerds & dorks wouldn't approve it so I'd end up playing the game with myself
  12. Hmm, interesting topic... Strengths - humor, creativity, power of will , good physical condition, some people find me charming Weakness - sometimes conservative, hypocrite, dick when given the power, a bit too lazy lately
  13. I'll probably be at home with my family, eating all those yummy stuff and simply relaxing. Oh well, I guess you have to spend few days a year with your family... And I don't care what I'll get for x-mas.
  14. Nah I'm done with the stunting....I've been inactive since The Burning Desire anyway...
  15. I've never realised it was already (almost) a year gone...
  16. I'm going to a surgery tomorrow. Should be back home (recovering -.-) by Sunday.
  17. Nah, if you're looking for a long-term relationship, go for personality. Screw the looks, if you really love the girl you won't care about her looks. Still, I'm not saying you to get the ugliest bitch ever, just go for the more interesting one. No I wouldn't either. But something like 9 months ago I had to choose between the ultra hawt looking girl and a cute one who made me feel awesome. I went for the second one and I've been with her for 6 beautiful months. Then I broke up and so, blah blah it dm. I've never regret the fact that I've gone for the uglier one (don't get me wrong, she's also good looking, but te first one was twice her).
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