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  1. I'm guessing the meaning of life is to die. And it's in people's nature to (try to) make that path from birth to death longer and curvier.
  2. lostprophets - The Fake Sound of Progress God, I haven't listened to them for a very long time...
  3. ^^That's unfair, I was getting drunk in Italy by the time you posted that If the meaning of life is not 42...I have no idea what is it
  4. Oh good god, finally someone had enough balls to ask a girl out. Now that isn't that hard, is it? Just look up to this guy^^ Who actually cares? You have someone and they don't.
  5. Yeah, I'm also suspecting my ex is bi... We've been to the movies last Saturday (around 10 people from our class) and my ex was sitting in front of me. I've seen her cuddle with some fat friend of her . So not all lesbos are something you should dream of .
  6. Dude, you know what a guitar is, right? First of all, you need to learn how to play it, and learn the notes & chords. Ask someone who knows how to play it to show you.
  7. Whoa! Somebody actually wants to buy some of the Adobe tools... Well I'm always for the alternative, I don't live from PS so I won't pay for it either.
  8. Slayer


    I've also tried to find Tekken for PC, haven't had much luck... -.-
  9. Yeah. Weed atleast has that "sweety" smell unlike tobacco. Some of my friends who want to stop smoking smoke pure tobacco. They say: Smoke one of these and you won't want another one this night. Not a very efficient way but still for laffs.
  10. Meh, it's really not a problem to have both...
  11. Been there done that. Yeah, they were joking. Fully agree. If you don't have good looks you don't stand a chance unless they get to know you. Like my ex. I'd never ask her out if I haven't spent so much time with her before and got to know her very well.
  12. Wow how unusual. Tell me more. /notI've joined our Uni's LGBT society, so we'll be going clubbing every now and then which will be awesome. What's LGBT? @Andrew - Congrats @steveyboy - Do you really GO GO GO for them or wait till they notice you? Huge difference.
  13. Meh, I get invitations on 100 different sites all the time. Who wants to have 100 accounts? So I use none, they're all lame...
  14. I agree. Episodes screw up everything. In the end they'll end up like NFS series.
  15. Meh, both Tommy and Claude were able to kill people with bare hands...Tho Claude from GTA2 wasn't. I'm guessing he got old
  16. Lol pwned! Wintersun - Death and the Healing
  17. Agreed. Why should the no smokers suffer? No good from smoking anyway.
  18. Well if it was in VC that had no countryside, I dont see why it wouldn't appear in IV. Unless R* decides to make a whole new vehicles selection.
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