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  1. Speaking of GFs, yesterday we've had a "party" in a park. Interesting what vodka can do. My ex ex had too much so I took her home after the "party" was over. Then it just happened again...
  2. Yeah, I've seen that some time ago... I wonder how many people could be arsed to do that
  3. Slayer


    Crappy brands! Something nice for a change. Not all of small time brands are bad. I prefer some of them even more that coca-cola. Coca-cola got a bit lame imo...Besides, when mixing with alcohol who cares what brand of cola is it?
  4. Yeah, less talking more action. Grab his throat and push him against the wall, then grab his head with the other arm and smack it in the wall a few times. Pure pwnage! I used to do that, smack people's heads against a wall.
  5. Ensiferum - Blood is the Price of Glory
  6. . How could anyone think of that??? Peace
  7. Happens for me too... Just after the upgrade ofc.
  8. Damn people, we all have PCs but not all of us have consoles. Either can't afford or not interested in console gaming. SA really isn't a game you'll need a monster of a comp to run. You could run it on an average 5 year old comp =/. And as we can see, all of us have internet. It's not a problem to borrow a game really. It is a problem to get a console or two just to play multiplayer with TGTAP community.
  9. Sometimes they record 2 drumming sessions and then make one out of them. Gotta get that song and I'll tell you. Sabaton - A Light In The Black
  10. Bearing in mind your age you'll grow up out of those t-shirts in a year or two time . Still, your clothes have nothing to do with what you listen to. I like to wear comfortable clothes, I'd never wear leather pants or those leather boots. If we'd talk about clothing, I'd rather dress like a rapper. They have cousy and loose clothes. But I do prefer dark colors.
  11. Yeah, talking to parents would help. But grounding for dating...
  12. I've always thought it is just a matter of time till we make this transition.
  13. Yeah, and I've never thought I'll be the one to break up with my gf but here we are...Tho when I think of it, I actually listen to all the stuff I've listened to ever before. I still know to listen to some songs I've listened to when I was 9 years younger .
  14. Ahahahaha "Instaling", "e:\program file\***" , "Insart" , "bunos" , "registar" , "aftar". Brilliant work really
  15. Okay, but I really couldn't say I'd agree with that list. First of all, bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Motley Crue or Kiss are definetely NOT metal. Yeah, some of them affected metal a lot but the bands themselves aren't metal. And it seems like it has too much fanboyism there. Lots of Megadeth, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, but hardly any other (metal) bands apart from them. I saw a bit of Pantera and Motorhead here, but what's with all those scandinavian and canadian death/power metal bands? Seems just like they've listed trash and rock here...
  16. Yeah. Not all Germans are Nazis either. Not all Americans are responsible about war in Iraq. You can't say a whole nation is bad just because of a few exceptions. Most of average people don't care about war. An average person would just want peace.
  17. I did post about that. I didn't post something like "I hate metal metal is fur sux0rz lolz lolz". I was just saying there are friggin too many metal songs I like to select just 3 of them and say they're the best. You'll see what I mean with time, when your collection grows to more than a few Metallica songs.
  18. Best metal songs ever? I can't say, there are just too many metal artists with masterpiece songs. It would be unfair to put some on to of others, or it would take a very long list...
  19. No man no problem.... I doubt we'd be happy with that tho, but perhaps it would be best for the rest of the planet, for a higher cause.
  20. Yeah, like Bush isn't a threat to a world peace...
  21. Probably. We've just happened. We perhaps weren't meant to be, it was just an accident. Some molecules somehow got together from which a lifeform was made. Then that lifeform has evolved...
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