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  1. Not if you remap them. Should get COD4 soon, I'm not putting any effort into is atm since I have stuff to play.
  2. To all of you - it's not the developers fault. I'd say the ones responsible are parents. Where the hell are they so they don't see their child(ren) turning into junkies?
  3. Yeah, it is fun at that age. Later you forget about the looks and start to seek for someone who thinks the same as you and feels the same as you. It's just a phase.
  4. Meh, I only have an acoustic guitar...When I build up some skillz the electric one will be on it's way.
  5. Cmon, you're ruining the fun...Isn't it more fun to believe R* releases all the games on the day "the stars are in right position"?
  6. Defo an interesting find... So do you guys think that perhaps the delay was intentional, that they've never intent to finish GTAIV in time, that they wanted to keep it unfinished till next April?
  7. fail. (filter my comment with too little capitalisation )
  8. Ditto on that. Tho I'm not a border fan And I also see a white line on the 1st image :S
  9. Yeah, that's a good idea. I'm with you. Just that would leave no chance to smaller gangs. You'll need to have big ass gangs or no gangs at all .
  10. Never seen any of these on the shelves...We only have original, light and zero cola here. So I choose classic. Diet cokes suck.
  11. I guess we need a new poll. MP matches on PC or console?
  12. You have no idea... i have a story involving vodka, penguins, dirty tires, fries, a helicopter, and a rock. I think you know where this is going... It's complicated and I'm tired .
  13. Oh my god...I'd just advise you not to post if you don't have anything smart to say. Crusades weren't thousands of years ago, 2 thousand years ago there wasn't even Christianity. You don't know when the Crusades have actually happened, do you? There's much more than "getting rid of terrorist" and you know that well. But the main thing why I brought up the Crusades is that this is a war where people forget about the primary cause. In every war you have a reason and a trigger. 11/9 was just the the trigger. The real reason is something else. Hussein is down, so why don't they retreat now and stop getting more and more casualties? What kind of "focus" are you talking about anyway?
  14. Who said I wasn't? Well I wasn't actually, but it was a bit hard to think clearly at that moment...
  15. Ofc the USA wasn't involved into the Crusades. That was just a comparison.
  16. I remember I used to play Colin McRae Rally 2 with my dad years ago. After that he used to play Flight Simulator. He hasn't played anything in 2 years I think...
  17. ^^ Defo wouldn't be just for their games, it takes much more time to produce a game than to complete it.
  18. USA It's not just Bush, it's that many of the people are uneducated about the middle east and east Asian countries. They don't even have an idea where they are located! So when Bush sends his troops to "spread democracy" you get a war between the West and the East. No wonder Russia is going to stand up for the middle east. If they would just turn their back on it nothing would prevent USA from leading another Crusade war. Just remember the Crusades. Were they lead in Israel? No. They were lead in north Africa and Persia. And were they lead to free Christ's grave? No. They weren't lead anywhere close (except the 1st Crusade war, out of 12). Is this war lead to spread democracy and rebuild Iraq? My ass! And since history repeats, who can guarantee that war won't spread much further and away from their primary target?
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