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  1. I dreamed something like that a few days ago (I think). Again, it was low gravity and I was, running from some kind of a prison on a high hill. But there are many fences on the way down. So, since I could jump very high it was a piece of cake to jump over those but then I jumped over the last fence, realizing I've come to the end of the cliff and there were more than 100m to the ground. Funny thing, in that moment I got to decide will I lower the gravity and land softy or reset it to usual values and go like on a wild roller coaster (we all like those =D). I took the second path, fell down with a huge adrenaline rush, not dying, just damaging my legs. Then I took one more jump (a small one this time) and my legs finally broke. I don't remember after that.
  2. So they sound like an electric but more quiet and no need to plug it anywhere? (I'm not familiar with hollow bodies, and I doubt I'd find many of those here).
  3. Are you sure those were lucid dreams? Oh, and I do that all the time with knives, or similar. It's fun isn't it (if you don't bleed to death ofc)?
  4. Well, how about not having a mentally ill girlfriend in the first place?
  5. Not really, acoustic (when played with fingers) is really quiet. As quiet as an electric unplugged. But acoustic can be quite louder when using a pick. Unlike the electric one, lacking the acoustic box. And there is one important thing about acoustic guitars - the strings are harder to press and less tolerant to bad pressing, thus require better playing technique. So it's a great start. All the people I know that pwn electric guitars these days have started on acoustic first, developing a much better technique. Not to mention acoustics are good for playing to your friends from time to time. SO yeah, if he's new, I strongly require an acoustic for a start, atleast for a few months so he develops a decent technique. Or if you wish to skip that step just go to the garage and turn the volume up . Oh, and distortion comes into play very soon, pretty much all of it are power chords which are easy to learn.
  6. All my lucid dreams were about gravity being very low and me doing cool style jumps and trick
  7. Truly epic. I just don't understand how she didn't die out of boredom. Not too many things to do when sitting on a toilet
  8. All men play on ten Not very good, electric unplugged sounds more like an acoustic so not good when playing anything distorted. I'd say stick to the acoustic in case you have to always keep quiet, no need to say it sounds much better than electric unplugged.
  9. Slayer


    I have x-fire tho I really rarely use it. But it's a great piece of program nevertheless. You have my x in my profile, if you want it.
  10. I don't really care, I'm not going to buy any new-gen consoles so I'm placing my bets on the PC version. Which means we'll already know everything by then, if that day ever comes :S
  11. I really like the 4 tone/volume controls, that's pretty rare to find. And the body seems to be well made, tho if I'd go shopping, I wouldn't buy something like that for myself. I'd prolly go for something Ibanez furious
  12. Sure, the idea is really good, comments are really helpful when separating good from bad mods. It's like for guitar tabs, you don't have to learn to play the whole (part of a) song before you realize it's wrong.
  13. EA hasn't done much good to the gaming industry in this century. I just hate those monopolistic bastards, want to own 100% of the gaming industry. Pretty much everybody has a point here, so I won't bother quoting. Yeah, they're simply gonna water it and sell GTA '09, GTA X, GTA XI, GTA XII...(follow the pattern ). Every new GTA includes 2 new vehicles, somehow similar cities, a new weapon, and 10 features removed compared to the previous one, then those removed features will appear in the next year GTA release.
  14. Oh, my one-exam-per-day days start from the next week, and prolly till the end of the school year. Don't we all just love school?
  15. Get laid Meh, idk, so far I've made a plan with my mate to get drunk one day in school, hopefully that won't bring any severe consecuenses...Apparently you can get kicked out for that. We decided we should go out more and make more shit at school, when we resonated the last year the result was dissapointing. Probably get a job over summer, go out more... Tbh I haven't really give much attention to the new year plans, over time I've come to a point where I just accept w/e life brings.
  16. Dude stop being so insecure in yourself, it's getting boring and frustrating
  17. First of all, congrats to all of the promotions, make us proud . Second, I think the removal of warzone is a great move, yeah, it was always taken too far and too wide.
  18. Well first, obviously I'm not a Maiden fan. They do have some great stuff, but when you take a look at their discography...I think they've had too much. Tbh, some albums are very obviously made just to promote a song or two. They have a million of different releases, from singles to live editions, I think they should stop. And on the other note, I was against (and still am) Rolling Stones reforming.
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