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  1. It doesn't come with 9.0c on a DVD? That's unusual. Meh, perhaps try and find the newest game you have and update DX using the one included.
  2. Slayer

    NFS ProStreet

    They always are a failure. Not really, 7 was nice. But it's really not new that NFS series are dead. We all new that before we had to shave our mustache.
  3. Pfff dude, you're lucky. I say go for it, better to have sex at 14 than having a gf at 18 who won't let you (there are some ). Just use a condom and you'll be fine.
  4. Atleast I'll die doing something I like . Aren't these usually USED in a violent video game? I mean, decide if you want to risk going round that corner or go search for health first. Well ofc, that happens when non-gamers do research about gamers. Ofc those gaming-sceptics wanna make gaming look bad. Gosh, my brain's much more active when playing shooters than when talking with girls for example .
  5. Slayer

    NFS ProStreet

    Still waiting to get it from friend(s)... Not that I wanna play it, I just...wanna play the "new" NFS every year .
  6. Oh, just accept to upgrade. I've had the similar problem with COD4. It asked me to install 9.0c and ofc I said no, I have 9.0c for like a decade...The game wouldn't work. So I've reinstalled and said yes this time....I spend average 6 hours a day playing COD4MP now
  7. Oh, lol, sry, I always thought you were younger
  8. Meh, userbars.org provide them anyway
  9. Not really, GPRS is twice faster than the dial up, but costs a fortune. Newer phones have EDGE and/or UMTS which are much faster standards (EDGE is a next-gen GRPS btw). Still, not that I would connect via them, I don't have sooo much money I dunno what to do with it. But HSDPA cards are nice. I used one on a vacation and a few days in hospital. For surfing&IM they're really good (up to 1.8mbps, tho you should be happy with any speed you get) but ofc you trade mobility for speed. Still, I'd have no doubt if I'd have to choose between 28.8k or no net at all.
  10. Amon Amarth - Thousand Years Of Oppression
  11. There are other ways of connecting to the net. Like HSDPA card, via mobile phone, or good ol' 56k.
  12. What the fuck is wrong with you ..they are the greatest rock n roll band of all time......they own all your bands. Meh, I dunno about The Stones . Sure, they're a classic. But on the other hand I'm not a fan of rock n roll grandpas (and grandmas) that (want to) get back on stage again just because their pockets got empty. Yeah, drugs, alcohol and parties cost. But you need to know when to retire. Gosh, I absolutely love and respect Bruce Springsteen, he's 58 now I think, not to mention he looks like he's still in his fourties. But take a look at Mick Jagger, he looks like he's 200.
  13. Sorry to undermine you dude, but I think you need much more time to see and decide whether it's really true love.
  14. Now think why I've deleted this post 3 times.
  15. Chill. Well, I like p2bs and curb bumps combined with a reqular bump of a higher wall or w/e. Well, atleast I liked, I'm not into stunting for like 9 months now.
  16. You sick bastards, 3 pages in one day... Mudvayne - TV Radio
  17. Nope, only 6. Well thats what I've heard anyway... Not only six. Even three was too much.
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