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    Need help on HL1

    Yeah, on one side you have the power generator, on the other fuel and oxygen tanks. You need all three to send that damn monster to where the sun doesn't shine.
  2. That is the thing with death penalty. How can you tell if someone deserves a death penalty, or more? See, you kill someone in self defence. Should you be executed? You kill someone just because you felt like it? Should you be executed then? I believe yes, eye for an eye, tho that really wouldn't help the family of the victim. You kill a few people just out of fun. Shall you be executed? Or something even worse? In a 2x2 cell for life. I think here the death penalty is a too easy way out. Tho people who're isolated often commit a suicide. So there is something worse than death. Who wants to be the judge?
  3. Awesome! Anyone wants to call video games bad now? JT, where have you gone!?
  4. MSN viruses are really lame. You really have to hit the bottom to make one of those. Like anyone pays attention to these anyway.
  5. I've seen it's in the movies, I might go and see it if I get an escort. (crappy movies + girl(s) = t3h win)
  6. Yeah, that's what I meant under "getting them together". Orange Box is a really good deal.
  7. Dunno why she got angry, I used to say those kind of jokes to my ex and never got a negative reaction. But haven't got some pussy from her either I'd classify myself as an agnostic (they don't give a fuck whether there's a god or not, they don't bother themselves with that). Perhaps you're that too. Cause satanists have their idol, but it's not the God. They do give a fuck about religion. As for music, that's just being low on info. Metal is educational (lyrics!!!) and not to mention probably the hardest out of all popular music to play. Metal never makes me angry. It relaxes me and makes me feel much better. I'm actually a pretty calm person, unless when it comes to playing some fast paced games on hardest difficulty.
  8. Slayer


    What teh eff??? ANYONE would get offended when being called a monkey. And who the fuck has mentioned blacks here?
  9. Queen - I Want It All Been to a Queen tribute concert yesterday, god it was good!!!
  10. Never seen the hype in widescreen monitors either. And I find playing on 4:3 much more natural. I guess it's just growing up with the 4:3. If you watch vids/do lots of video/image editing/want to look cool 16:9 is a good choice. If you're a gamer stick with the 4:3. Besides, it's the resolution that matters. If they're pretty much the same I'd stick with the 4:3. I also do video and image editing, and I have no problem with my 1280x1024.
  11. If you mean HL2 & HL - Episode One, yeah, they're worth if you get them together. HL2 is a classic, and Episode One is a nice addon for a few extra hours. Gotta get Episode Two
  12. ^^That's for me, just it was COD2. Veteran isn't a very big deal, if you can play on hard you shouldn't have much trouble with veteran, just you have to be patient and stay cool. Meh, for me you can play shooters on hard(est) or don't play at all
  13. Only wusses play COD on anything less than veteran
  14. Okay, yesterday we decided to go to the cinema and see it. Wasn't that bad as some would say, but I gotta agree that that wasn't a true 47, far from that. The movie would be nice if there wasn't that woman 47 "falls in a relationship with". On one scene he even smiled! And I think him smiling is one step too far. Action scenes are ok, there's that especially funny moment when he crashes through the window and some people are playing Hitman down there. Would give it 4/5 if there weren't those sleezy scenes with 47 and that woman, like this it's 2/5.
  15. Wow, this really is an achievement. Gotta say he had the balls according to the stuff he attempted.
  16. That's why we have those tiny flags under our rep logs and a field "Location" in the user CP.
  17. Yeah, that's probably the problem with the popularity of bass. Bass is well used in styles like funk or altern rock, but when it comes to genres like hard rock or metal, the more brutal the less you hear the bass. There are even songs that don't have any bass at all. And in the end, imho guitar solos are waaaay more impressive than the bass ones. Most of the kids play guitar these days, looking at some bands in my school, people have more problem finding a vocal (and you don't need to know anything to sing) than finding a guitar player, while on the other hand there aren't almost any drummers/bass players so they're happy if they can find anyone, and really anyone.
  18. 2568 files, 14.5GB, and I haven't even selected all of the folders
  19. Well yeah, it was expected to be like that...I'll prolly get this one tho, I'm also a big Hitman fan.
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