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  1. This Looks great Biggie I am glad you did this I would like a Lotto ticket Number 42 please Sending Money ASAP
  2. you guys will get a url of gtaevo.com/whatever I will do all the hacks and skins You will need to place our google ad too
  3. I could host you an IPB v1.3 with Arcade shop and bank You Would have to pay me 1k board money
  4. IF Sucks you need an FTP for shop hack....
  5. Chris could you make a custom profile field that says repect list so we can add a list of friends we have
  6. Kinda spam but we have been at the new forums for awhile now thats why
  7. guys dont go offtopic....anyway what is bryce?
  8. get ads by google they are better
  9. It doesnt suck well anyway Smartboy I give it an 8/10 the text brought it down
  10. its San Fransico where SA will most likely take place
  11. Cam.

    Games Arcade!

    he had it at the old forums for the minimum of time i was there
  12. Cam.

    Games Arcade!

    Most Mods Are very easy to add some mods like D-Shoutbox is hard (for me at least)
  13. Cool I would settle for a Moderater
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