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  1. Michael will never be forgotten. Awesome signer/song writer, he is the only top signer I know, and nobody will ever be like him, ever. It's really devastating but shocking news. I myself loved his songs and albums, they will never leave me head ever. R.I.P Michael, you'll be missed deeply.
  2. Alright, I'll add you the next time I get on the PS3, which is probably later today.
  3. Well I finished MGS4 for the second time and it is awesome. It's bad that the Xbox fans won't be playing as Snake anymore. The legendary hero is still a hero. And I'm almost at end of my 1st Prestige in CoD:WaW. Enjoying it but now for some reason I'm starting to use Semi-Automatic rifles like STG and Gewhr 43 rather than Machine/Submachine Guns. Anyways I'm having fun with it right now, and since it's double xp time, it's easy getting 100XP in S&D.
  4. That is one wicked labtop there mate. If you ever do, get me one. I will be forever in your debt lol. I'm just kidding there. But anyways that is one really high end labtop there. Dell laptops are okay, but I wouldn't count on it if it's for just gaming, you'd be better off using a Desktop PC, which is more for gaming than anything else. But I think the laptop Steam's getting seems it could handle it without no exception (Except for IV, which I wouldn't know much about). And for the price of that laptop, it must be a big ass price for whoever is paying for it. You are lucky.
  5. His looks do look appealing, making it look more corrupt. I think this could possibly be better than when he was younger, at least this time, it could end up more interesting, in terms of the storyline and his own personality.
  6. She hasn't visited here for a long time now. She's probably gone. So sad, but hopefully she could return. And happy birthday Kokane, where ever you are!
  7. Yes, I suggest if you aren't in a rush, just chill and wait. Do chores and stuff and you can probably get your games sooner than later. Hopefully you will soon. And lol @ luxury car.
  8. L-Ric has a point there. Husky should wait, you just crave more for the game, thus meaning you literally will be wanting the game when you have the green light to buy it. That's what makes buying games later on more better, you take it for granted than you would regularly. It's just like going clubbing. Many people go on occasions to a Club (End of year party), but many people go like every week. You can't really enjoy yourself every week by going clubbing. You get bored of it and you don't enjoy it, so you don't take it for granted. When you go on Occasions, you take it for granted, but you enjoy yourself and have a great time. That is almost exactly like when you're playing a game. You enjoy yourself, but then you may get bored, so you buy another, and get bored of that as well. It's a constant cycle which goes on for some time until there's no game left for you. So waiting makes your craving for that game really big, even if it's a game you may of played already/want to get. So waiting seems reasonably appropriate. You enjoy yourself more and it feels like a great time. If you're that type of gamer who probably buys and plays so many different games on a regular basis, then you can see why you can't agree with L-Ric. 8 months may be long, but what's the rush? Waiting just builds the craving up and then you will love the game(s). That's what L-Ric is trying to say, or to that lines, to say the least.
  9. You know what, you don't deserve to have these games, considering you act immature sometimes. Seriously, I'm not immature, but I don't get what I want cause I'm not spoilt. Yes it's your money, I understand that. But seriously, can you not be patient? It's not even that hard to wait. If you lived in my family, you'd just want to kill yourself for not getting the games you want. Like your mom, my dad doesn't let me play violent games, even when you can literally see the gore of it, but you know what, I still play it. My dad knows I'm mature and don't mess around, so he lets me play it, although he brags about it being violent and shit. Truthfully, you should be glad you have a PS3 and Xbox 360, think of others who don't have this. It's like a privilege to have one, especially in this time of age.
  10. Internet Explorer 6. Bullshit browser. It's still being used, especially in my college, seriously, can't even make a transparent image look good. I'm on Firefox 3 now, which pretty much owns Internet Explorer all by itself.
  11. TM™

    Motion Sensitive GTA?

    It would feel too real. Although if that's what you're after, then this could be it. But think of this, if it ever got added into GTA, imagine what such pain it would cause to so many people. An example of something like this is lazy people. Some people usually play an Xbox 360 and PS3 on a sofa, when you're playing the Wii, that entirely depends on what game your playing, if it requires you to stand up. So if this was to be implemented onto GTA, I think for the lazy gamers, this wouldn't benefit them at all, unless you could turn off the motion camera controller. It does sound like a serious drawback, especially when most of us are lazy people, but I just thought of this up just now, so yeah, heh. But to be honest, GTA is really meant for the traditional controllers. Anything else will make GTA too complex to play unless they worked on it. But I see where you're coming from, the motion camera controller does seem pretty cool, but for a game like this, it just doesn't cut out.
  12. Type "Hidemyass" on Google. See what the first link says: "Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously" See what I mean? The words on that can be blocked from access. Even the word is in their keywords if you look at the source codes too. So that can easily be blocked. Anything that doesn't get spelt correctly can possibly get you access to other proxies which haven't been blocked off.
  13. I'm at the point where I have to kill Dimitri or Darko... I don't know really, I haven't played it since April.
  14. Happy born day (Not birthday) G! Have a good night out if you ever do!
  15. Meh, I need CoD4. If I have that, it would be a perfect pack of two games. So you can continue with the same weapons you got in the current level straight into the next one? That's awesome. And yes, this game can certainly be awesome, better than some short DLC pack from GTA IV.
  16. lol I thought the FAMAS was in Metal Gear Solid and wasn't a real gun. The trailer was awesome, the bit where he's climbing the mountain, then is about to fall, but grabbed by Mactavish, was pretty much what CoD can offer. This seems like a game of the year if you ask me.
  17. Awesome. Just awesome. I like. Hopefully more sites in the near future can be added on there. Good work there Chris!
  18. TM™

    My New PC

    Husky, can you please seriously, shut the hell up. Raybob has a more better PC than yours, seriously, he does. How can you think your PC is going to max GTA IV out when other top end PC's better than yours can't? I think for other games yeah, you both could possibly max the games out, but the way you're saying it Husky, it sounds like you're a real complete dumbass thinking your PC really does beat his. Learn the aspects of computer specs and hardware, you'll understand quite a bit more. Next thing, if you love gaming, then you can possibly learn something in it. Such as Animation, Level Design, Programming, and stuff like that can earn you alot of money. Playing computer games obviously doesn't get you anywhere, but making it or doing something within those lines gets you somewhere. Okay, so you spend more time on playing GTA IV? Seriously? You need to smell some coffee and get yourself out in the fresh air. You for one need to stay away from your PS3. 14 hours is literally a long time, almost a day, so yes, you are really a complete loser mate. Hell, I don't even play that much cause I got college which is way more important than GTA IV. So yes, you could say I find GTAIV a bit boring. I actually can run Google Earth on my PC, and mine is way less better than Yours or Raybobs (Check my profile for my PC specs). For him it shouldn't be much of a hassle. --- Now moving away from Husky's dumb comments. Raybob, your computer is awesome. Nice setup. I must ask, how much did you spend in total for all the components? Cause for one reason, I think it will be worth it. Good luck building it up and enjoy it, it should a great enhancement from your last PC.
  19. Yeah what WRX said. If the word "Proxy" is spelt right, then obviously if it's placed as a keyword to block, then your chances are that you won't be able to find a site with a proxy, unless you spell it incorrectly. That's what I'm trying to say. It does sound a bit confusing at first, but it's a pretty good tactic if you want to find your way around the internet blocker.
  20. TM™


    This sounds interesting. And like always, I'm keeping a close eye on this as well, could be awesome. If the game does turn me on, I might actually start a website, that is IF I feel it's worth doing. If not, there's no point really. But of course, If Chris ever does make a website part of TGTAP network, then I might as well contribute to that etc. So yeah, keeping a close eye on this for now.
  21. So assuming this is going to be a full walkthrough, are you even up for recording it? And to avoid making such boring and long scenes, why not just give a brief run down on the missions and what you're suppose to do? That could possibly work. Also, considering the PC version of GTA IV doesn't run on even the best PC's it would be pointless. The idea though seems fine, I say go for it if you think you can do it and get it done, but right now I suggest you try it out on other things first rather than wait for the second DLC.
  22. Well for the case of fixing your vehicles and to stop it from getting damaged, there's no cheats for it, unfortunately. I don't think anybody has got something like that yet. To earn money quicker, well usually if this is the case, trying hitting into the Parking Meter. You get free money quicker. But obviously that takes long, so complete a few missions and until that dollar sign shows up in front of your property, you should be able to build up on the revenue you earn through the missions you do. Unfortunately, there's no cheats available for this either. I don't know if a trainer has this, but check it out here: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/category.php?id=45 If your anti-virus picks up that it's a virus, its a false positive, the reason is because your keylogging in the game or something to those lines, at least. Anyways, hope this helps you mate! EDIT: Are talking about Vice City Stories, or just Vice City? You posted this topic in the wrong place if it's for Vice City. Just giving you the heads up.
  23. Well at this point I'd say "Tough luck" but that sounds pretty harsh to say. I assume the word Proxy has also been blocked on your school PC as well, right? This is exactly the same thing that happened to me when I wanted to access a proxy website on my college PC. If I can remember, my mate spelt Proxy wrong (Funny really), but unlike when typing the right spelling (Which is Proxy), he instead spelt "Proxy" to "Provxy" or something to them lines and he eventually got through to finding some working proxies. If you have the same case as me, do not spell the word correctly, that is if you're using Google. If you are using Google and searching, but you spelt "Proxy" wrong, DO NOT correct the mistake, or you will get that stupid message from the Internet Blocker. Well if that's the case of not even having access to a proxy website, try this method, it worked for me and my mate, and we can go on Youtube and Facebook without any problems. If this doesn't work, then refer to the top sentence.
  24. TM™

    Why Wait?

    This idea has been made by thousands of members, and not one of them will get a result, unfortunately. The resources used in creating a game like GTA aren't available for public use, and neither is it available to buy. Resources like Research (Which they researched on their own) can't be bought unless given full permission by the company to use it or to whoever holds it. Their Game engine called RAGE can't be bought either, if you think about it, they recently just used it or are going to use it for upcoming titles. In other words, it's their Proprietary Engine (Private Engine). The cost for them all can vary really, but considering you won't be able to buy it, there's no point in trying mate. Hope this was helpful to answer your question.
  25. The idea sounds good, considering the Elites don't really come on nowadays (Except Jace and Bear who tend to make their visits). I say go for it. If it's something to do in Graphics or what not, that's fine with me, considering I haven't played any GTA's (Except GTAIV) in a long time. It would be good for to brush up on my knowledge again for it, but I'm busy enough with college so Graphics is really my thing for the time. But the idea is good, I don't know whether this will work cause this can still be abused, unless there's some sort of measure taken place when you are one of those experts. But I'm all in for it.
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